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Question #1433719343Sunday, 7-Jun-2015
Category: Personality Socionics
How do I deal with ISTPs? I read a ISTP profile on It says "they are at their best in a crisis, where their natural disregard for rules and authority structures allows them to focus on and tackle the emergency at hand in the most effective way." This is great and I think ISTPs are great at solving problems and are cool to be around and I like them, but whenever rules are explicitly stated and have to be followed, or my supervisor tells us all to follow a protocol, I find most ISTPs go out of their way to defy the rules or to not follow it and I find myself stuck in between my 1) my supervisor, the rules, my superiors, protocols and my desire to keep my job by following rules and protocols 2) istps who wish to disregard rules and protocols either because they believe in a higher purpose or just because they hate rules in general. I have to follow rules, it is part of my job to follow protocols, but I also need to get along with ISTPs, but they make it so hard to follow rules that are specifically stated out either in rules or were already discussed in meetings. I'm scared for my job that I may lose it because they always want to not follow rules. -- Anonymous
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A1 Are you an ESFJ? This sounds a little like something an ESFJ would say. I don't think this is restricted to ISTPs, because I -an INTJ- won't follow rules or procedures that are useless. When I see a more efficient method... I do it; regardless of what the rules say. Because a lot of protocols are created by narcissists who just want to impose their will just-cause; not because it's logical. You can try asking the ISTP why they don't want to follow a given rule, then try to explain the dilemma you're put in when they disregard. ISTPs ARE friend/family oriented so they might follow a rule or two if they're aware of the negative effect it has on a Friend. If you're that scared of losing your job just look for another one; before you reach the point of getting fired. Though, I don't see why they would even fire you if it's not YOU disobeying the rules. A bit melodramatic don'tcha think? -- MBTI and Socionics INTJ
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A2 Rules are what you have to follow if you work anywhere. Even if it is useless, it is not up to us to make the decision. We are there to implement someone else's rules. whether you work at mcdonalds where you have to follow what management wants, to working in real estate, to insurance, to accounting everyone follows rules mandated either by law, standards or by whoever's license we work under. That's how the world works. I agree that people making the rules are in ivory towers and don't know how hard it is to actually to implement the rules, but I disagree that people should just make up their own rules based on what they think is right or wrong, especially if they are working under someone else's license, or under a department/ Actually i don't see any place you could work where there aren't rules unless you are self employed and even then you still have to stick to standards. -- Anonymous
A3 What I mean by rules, is no one who is employed can make the rules, they just have to stick to it. following rules is not a choice, it's the world we live in. We are not employed to make rules, we are employed to follow them. -- Anonymous
A4 Yeah you're definitely an ESFJ. ESFJs Think they don't have a choice in the matter and HAVE to follow rules or they will die. Also run around in circles without a direct reply to what the person has said. I've dealt with plenty so I won't bother going in-depth. So all I'll say is, rule are made but not everyone FOLLOWS them; your ISTP friend is a perfect example. I don't if it doesn't serve a purpose. If you're smart enough to not get caught; or don't care if you do. All is well. I LOVE to break illogical rules, laws, etc. Sooooo Fun I can't help myself. It makes me sooooo Happy; Giddy even. INTJs don't get caught. Feels so grrrreat to be a rule breaking INTJ with an ability to escape consequences. Yay me! -- MBTI and Socionics INTJ
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