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Question #1401149367Tuesday, 27-May-2014
Category: ENTj ISTp Duality Relationship j/p
Does an ISTP get along with an ESTJ? Or not? I wanted to know how they act around each other and how they form relationship with each other. Does an ESTJ argue with an ISTP similar to the ISTJs? Like I/ENFP? How often? Thank you ! PS it can be a sibling relationship or parents or whatever. -- Anonymous
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A1 If you're certain of these people's type and you're going by Socionics, then psychologically the two types are very compatible. They are both Delta STs and are Mirror relations, which you can read about here: Basically, ESTj and ISTp will have similar interests and find communication very easy, but they will emphasize different aspects of those interests. Stereotypically, Delta STs like to work with their hands, fix things, spend time outdoors, and engage in physical activities. They have an appreciation for beautiful things particularly visual art like architecture, and they like tasty food. They may talk about the best way to get a certain job done or discuss how to make something more convenient. They like to show people how to do things well. They are likely to form a relationship because they share some activity. Maybe they both work out at the same gym or play the same sport. Maybe they work together. Despite differences, the two types are not likely to have a particularly rocky relationship (at least as far as socionics goes - they may have a falling out due to some other social issue). Still, these types in particular can be very, very stubborn about their opinions on certain things, and neither of them are concerned with emotional affect, which may lead to problems. ESTj may see the ISTp as too sluggish and nonchalant while ISTp may see the ESTj as too domineering and controlling. Things might work out best if the two have some common activity they can bond over. Generally, though, ESTj and ISTp will find each other interesting and easy to communicate with. -- EII-Fi
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A2 My folks are ESTJ and ISTP. They look like good friends and treat each other very warmly, particularly when they drink (but they always ate good together) Mom takes care of a lot of the responsibilities, planning, etc. And she gives him (ISTP) A LOT of space and time alone when they're at home. They travel often, vacationing all over the world, and they really enjoy each other's company. Sometimes they tease each other or she'll purse jet lips and give him that disapproving "SJ" look, but their quarrels never escalate or last long at all. -- Anonymous
A3 Mature types can get along with enough effort but deep down, this is a you-say-left-but-I-say-right type of relationship. The ESTj will always view the ISTp as not having the right priorities or enough motivation, which the ISTp will resent if these views are verbalized. The ISTp will usually appear as more skillful in most day-to-day activities, which the ESTj will resent but at the same time think: "With me as manager, we could be a great team?" The ISTp will resist all attempts of control or imposed leadership, especially from someone viewed as incompetent. For this relationship to work, the ESTj would have to back-off on all attempts of dominance and the ISTj would have to become significantly less indignant and self-righteousness, or at least appear that way. -- Anonymous
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