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Question #1399561337Thursday, 8-May-2014
Category: Functions Socionics Models Theory Advice
What are some concrete examples on how to praise someone on a certain function? For Te ( ) you might tell someone they are very economical and know how to get the best outcome with minimal effort. I'd like to hear examples on all 8 functions if you can, as much detail as possible! -- Curious
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A1 If you really want to flatter someone, praise their suggestive or mobilizing function. These functions are weak but valued, so a little praise goes a long way. - Tell the person how you feel about them, preferably in intimate settings. Don't overdo it! This works well with LSE, LIE, ILI, and SLI. "You are so thoughtful. I'm so grateful to have you in my life. Thanks for thinking of me. You're a really good person. You're a true friend. I really love that I can talk to you. You're one of my most favorite people." - Hugs, kisses, poems, flowers. Tangible expressions of feelings really resonate with LSI, LII, ILE, and SLE. Take them to dinner, a party, or a concert. Be effusive but convincing. Complement their attributes with lots of gusto. "You're so fun! You're freakin' hilarious!" - EIE, ESE, SEI, and IEI want to be seen as intelligent. "Wow, I never thought about it that way! That's cool; where did you learn that? You're so put-together. That really makes sense. Your knowledge of _____ is really impressive." - These types (EII, ESI, SEE, IEE) want to feel like they are competent. Compliment them on how well they do and achieve things. "You're really good at that! Thanks so much for your help. I don't know what I'd do without your help! You really get the job done! Did you clean the house today? It looks amazing." - Compliment these types on their sense of taste and aesthetics. I'm referring to EII, LII, ILE, and IEE. "You're right, this tea is delicious! Those pants really work well with your figure. I love the rug you chose for this room, it's gorgeous. That movie you picked the other night was fantastic. I love what you've done with your hair." These types also respond well to touch, like putting your hand on their shoulder or sitting close to them. - These types want to be seen as assertive, in control, or impressive in some way. Sarcasm and witty banter also go a long way with ILI, IEI, EIE, and LIE. - Praise these types as being insightful and well-prepared: LSI, ESI, SLE, and SEE. "Thank goodness you thought of that! You were right about not trusting that guy. Everything played out just like you said it would." - Praise these types as being original, creative, or talented: LSE, ESE, SEI, SLI. "I never thought about it that way! You're the best at finding the right gift. Have you considered voice lessons? Because you are a great singer. Would you show me how you ______?" -- Fi-EII
A2 Thanks for your response! Those are extremely well thought out examples. I've also heard that praising the unconscious 8th function is a good way to flatter people because they are as good at this function as their 1st base function, yet aren't aware of it. Whereas, praising the 1st and 2nd function will often merit a response akin to, "Yeah I know I'm good at that." -- OP
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