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Question #1399413461Tuesday, 6-May-2014
Category: INTj ENFp Advice Intertype Relations Socionics
INTj or ENFp? Is it possible for ENFp's and INTj's to look very similar in real life and to mistype as one or the other? I've read that ENFp's can be very quiet despite being extraverted, while INTj's can come off extraverted if they develop their Fi/Fe. The truth is, while socionics is great on paper, in real life it's a lot harder to tell. INTj's and ENFp's also have the same four functions in their ego/super-ego, albeit in different order: Ti, Fi, Ne, Se. And they both care a lot about Si (dual seeking for ENFp and mobilizing function for INTj). Similarly, if you examine relations with other types, they are hard to distinguish. For example: INTj + INTp = quasi-identicals (not favorable). ENFp + INTp = Illusionary (not favorable). INTj + ESFj = duality (good) ENFp + ESFj = beneficiary(ENFp)/benefactor(ESFj) - i.e. ENFp would look up to ESFj. May not be able to distinguish it as a benefactor relationship if you really admire them. INTj + ISFj = super-ego (bad) ENFp + ISFj = supervisor(ENFp)/supervisee(ISFj) - bad again There's only so many ways to identify yourself/others with socionics - after you learn to type people you can also look at the relations between people, but of course in the end it's still pretty biased. There's also visual identification, but for me it's easier to read people through interactions as facial expressions can be misleading (although ISTp's can be spotted easily for me from their impassive calm faces and demeanors and infrequent smiles). I wanted to ask this for a personal reason too. I've always tested as INTj, but if you consider the statistics of how many female INTj's there are compared to female ENFp's, it's much more likely to be an ENFp than INTj. Both ENFp and INTj are unconventional, and both can be good people readers. Both are "child-like" types according to Gulenko's erotic attitudes. Also, I really like ISTp's despite the fact they are supposedly my "beneficiary." Actually, I adore ISTp's! No joke. And I find other INTj's really, really weird. But I also consider myself weird... I can be a people pleaser, and I am sensitive and considerate of others but expressing my feelings does not come naturally. I've never gotten along well with ENFj's (my semi-dual), but ENTj's and ESTp's are okay to me. As for ESFj's (dual), I believe I've met a few, but I'm never so sure in my typing of them. I've read that they are controlling and I feel like they would encroach on my autonomy and personal space. Also, as for hidden agenda and vulnerable POLR, I really can't tell. My Se (INTj POLR) is "weak" but I'm not so sure that my Ti (ENFp POLR) is "strong" either? I don't really bother with logical arguments or debates. It seems like a waste of time to me. I ask this because it's easy to confirm things when you have a confirmation bias. But I don't want to fall in that trap. I've been thinking I'm an INTj for at least 5 years (I'm 20 now). Ultimately I'm not sure I can trust my own bias, and based on socionics relationships, some of my personal experiences don't quite match up. What are your opinions on this topic and the ambiguity of socionics? Thanks. ~Female INTj (for now) -- Julie
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A1 An INTj would not use so many words to ask a question. This is more of an ENXp tactic. -- Anonymous
A2 In Freud terms, ENFp is Id/SE, primarily lacking Ego influence. INTj is Ego/SE, lacking Id. ENFp is indulgence extraordinare. INTj is practically the opposite, very conservative in most manners. These types are very different. Very noticeable difference in the 'angle' of their interactions. INTj is one of the most focused types. ENFp is one of the least. ENFp projects Se in socialization. INTj projects Fi. ENFp is generally passionate. INTj is generally concise. ENFp when irritated invokes Ne/Te sledgehammer with Se bite. INTj when irritated invokes Ti/Si scalpel with Fi bite. If you get along well with ESTp and love ISTps, but find other INTjs weird, you're probably ENFp. -- Daniel D
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