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Question #1346496524Saturday, 1-Sep-2012
Category: Advice Happiness Type me!!! INTp INFp
Hello, I consistently type as INTP (with an occasional INFP, depending on how much I answer based upon principle). I recently started learning about socionics, and I am quite impressed at how much more applicable it is compared to MBTI. I took the test a little while ago, and I received INTp on this site, but according to, with their slider questions and optimal mate(? I didn't see a relevance to the quiz), I received ENTp. While I am mildly uncertain of my exact socionics type, and would find it helpful to know, there is a different question I have that in the necessary background information may provide better insight for what type I might be. First of all, I am in my mid-teens (explaining my weak preference to T), and I've been bored for quite a while now. I stay in my room all day sleeping, reading, or using my computer to learn/experiment. Part of the reason I stay in my room for the majority of the day is that I just don't enjoy most interaction. The major reason, is that I talk about ideas and possibilities and philosophy without care for anything practical, and as such, the topics invariably go over my SF family's heads when I do. I have also found that in school, most of the kids are far too materialistic to be my friends, although some of them snipe me out for being a loner and proclaim me friend and I see no reason to brush them off, despite being completely unable to relate to them. Beyond that, the kids I know (in my small town school), are far too unimaginative, or lack curiosity, and usually can't relate in the least to who I am, or what I genuinely enjoy speaking of, so I interact amiably when they interact with me. Anyways, I enjoy conversation, but only speculative, philosophical/theoretical topics. Otherwise, interaction holds no incentive for me (I'm asexual). I constantly find that the only source of stress for me, is the simple fact that I have to bottle the topics I am enthusiastic about inside me because I know no-one who will gladly oblige my enthusiasm and keep up with my imaginative approach to ideas. When intellectual conversation is non-existent, I resort to an improv kind of interaction that generates jokes and makes subtle fun of people/society. When I'm not forced to interact, I simply don't. My core is about generating possibilities and drawing conclusions. I am capable of logically considering social interaction and therefore making conclusions based on philosophy and pleasing everyone, but I don't have many feelings of my own. As of late, having had to bottle up my enthusiasm, I haven't felt anything other than boredom. My current circumstances are essentially a whole lot of societal/familial obligations, with little reason to do anything (but I do it anyway, because people question why I can't see reason to do it when I decide not to do it). In school, I learn far too quickly to be interested, and interaction is meaningless to me (lacking interesting conversation). I also find that I know far too much, and far too obscure of things for other people to be aware of them, so my jokes or ponderings of a related context are often lost upon them (e.g, anime, philosophy, language learning, theoretical physics). I find that many of my jokes involve twisting the pre-existing context into a theoretical situation in which it breaks down, or in applying a related idea to a pre-existing context, or changing the context of the pre-existing conversation. I also find that, lacking enthusiastic output, most things are just things I do because they help me forget the boredom (and I don't actually care about them beyond as a curiosity), but occasionally, when I allow myself to muse and imagine, I can get a brief flash of happiness that always accompanies 'Eureka!' moments. I don't really feel things in a subjective manner, and I am just as content being bored, as I am in being happy. Finally, because it's relevant, although not necessary, I don't notice my looks very often, and I forget to do things that are deemed necessary quite easily (e.g, take showers, go to sleep at regular times, eat, wash dishes), but I always notice them when it becomes a necessity to do them (e.g, fatigue, hunger, piles of dishes). Anyways, my two questions, the latter being more important, are as follows: 1. "What type am I in socionics (NTp is suspected, but I've heard that p/j is different)?" 2. "How do I find a person sufficiently intelligent and imaginative to converse with me, so that I don't need to close myself off? (Or where can I look for a topic I can pour myself into and experiment with that has no need of a concrete outcome or interaction?)" As I said, I don't have any inherent need for an answer to the second, but if I am to find any sort of happiness in a society that seems to have nothing available that I genuinely value (ideas are only valuable in society for their application and ability to make money, of which I could easily do by selling what people want, rather than selling something interesting, unique and beneficial to them as people.) -- Anonymous
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A1 I am an INTp, and I feel very much the same as you, so you may be an INTp, but I would suggest looking up different sites describing what you have been told you might be, and see what seems to describe you. I have been told that I am an INTj, but when I looked at the difference, I knew that I was much more like an INTp. It likely isn't as much of the different questions that is affecting your results, as your "shadow function" showing. Whichever one you are, remember that this is just your normal preference, that doesn't mean you don't have moments of different types, and thus the "shadow function" is affecting your result. Also, you could subconsciously/consciously like one of these more, as for a person, and, without realizing it, changing your opinion to get a type that you like the sound of more. As for your second question, I too will be (as best as I can) patiently waiting for a good answer. Either way, I wish you luck on finding your answers, and hope this helped at least a bit! -- Kaylee
A2 One thing I have found a bit of a nuisance about personality typing (for myself), is that I seem to have either very well developed, or very well assimilated unconscious functions. In function tests (for the jungian functions, rather than for MBTI/socionics types), I always score equally high in both forms of intuition, and extremely high on Ti, with Te varying in strength from weak to nearly the same strength. S and F seem to be much weaker than the Ns, and sometimes one is stronger than my fluctuating Te. By my prominent Ne and Ti, I fit into ENTp. While I do indeed have the ENTp urge to seek novel ideas/ways of solving issues and the inability to do repetitive tasks without stopping or continuing in a detached manner, and I enjoy conversing about interesting ideas, lacking a way of interacting in an interesting manner, I easily retreat into the detached and insightful mannerisms of INTp. (Also, I find puzzles fun, but they get boring when they involve repetitively applying the same methods as efficiently as possible to beat a high score, such as sudoku. In short, I don't enjoy puzzles with a single solution.) Strictly speaking, I suppose that ENTp is a good fit, especially given my (N/Ti,Te,S,F) ordering, but in the absence of interesting conversation, I tend to become detached and lost in my thought and imagination. I suppose that when it comes down to it, the functions are your 'build', and the types are akin to t-shirts used for the generalization necessary to identify other people's build. In the end, I suppose I've over-exposed myself to all this theory and was trying too hard to decide between two types that fit equally well, and when I was young (8) and had first learnt of introversion and extroversion, I recall saying that I was an 'introverted extrovert'. As for the latter question's answer, I still don't know where to look for people of an equal or greater potential for imagination or intelligence of an age that is socially acceptable for me to interact with. I did, however recently attended a city school for a day, and I was quite shocked at the fact that I was still one of the most intelligent kids and that the kids there weren't any more serious about learning than the ones in the country. The only difference I found was the size, the structure, and most of all, the informality and lack of attention to the individual, which I found quite refreshing, along with the freedom to wander off to a quiet place and know with certainty that I wouldn't be bothered for being alone. From that, I can only say with certainty that I am not an S, F, or J type, and that I tend toward introversion, but act as an extrovert when I am in a state of enthusiasm. *sigh* it's a bit sad though, that formal education is so devoid of those people with sparks of intelligence and creativity that make interaction worthwhile. -- Aaron (OP)
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