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Question #1338110883Sunday, 27-May-2012
Category: j/p Personality Stereotype
Can judgers have non-conformist ideas ? -- Marie
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A1 Definitely! It's not like all judgers are totally conservative. That's the kind of impression MBTI and Keirsey can create, but in Socionics it's nonsense. Judgers can get very non-conformist and inventive, especially Njs. For example, Leonard Bernstein, who was the first to break the tradition of cheesy musicals by co-writing West Side Story, was ENTj. And ISFjs, due to their Fi and Se, can lead very non-traditional life. Fi helps establish what you like and what you dislike, using criteria that are very personal and independent of what your environment likes and dislikes, so IFjs can have very strong opinions that don't correspond with opinions of the rest of the society. Btw, are you the probably ESTj Marie? If yes, I'd like to tell you about my aunt, who is ESTj. She comes from an atheist family but discovered Christianity for herself (which was very non-conformist in the most atheistic state in the world, and during communism era on top of that...). She now leads a fairly, say, "typical" and "conformist" life of a Protestant pastor, but some of the things she does are unusual, like the kind of shops she's chosen for the house she inherited (ecological products - recent newcomers in my country - and "Travellers' Wine Cellar and Gallery"). Also, my town, a dilapidated backwater, was revived by founding a tradition of rock festivals and a medieval town guard by ESTjs and ENTjs. Judgers can be innovative, that's for sure -- Ezis (ESFp)
A2 INTj. ENFj some of them. -- Anonymous
A3 I am an INTJ female and a true non-conformist, if ever there was one. I think it is a common error. Judgers do follow rules...SJ's follow societies rules, N types follow there own internal rules, which may or may not conform to social norms. -- Anonymous
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