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Question #1331802131Thursday, 15-Mar-2012
Category: Typing Theory Visual Identification Functions
Hi...My 2 questions:1st Is there a fast way to determine any one by his face or body language or his voice or general look,... i Need steps to make sure get right type and how you personally know people type only by analysis from look or video? 2nd Q: can you tell each function briefly how can you use it practically to type people e.g: Ti= u see people quite when u talk to them and they usually think internally(just mine idea u could have better), Fe, Ne, that? Anyone, can share his experts, thanks -- INTP
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A1 In my understanding: 1. There’s a way that serves beginners quite well, however it is criticised by more advanced typers. Russians made a list of various body shapes. Some of them correspond to e.g. S+L, other to S+E, etc. If you don't have this classificator, you need to ‘investigate’ facial moves. Usually moving forehead = T and lower parts of the face = F. More round and "fat" features = S, thin and long = N. p uses the middle of their face more often than j and as far as I can their eyes are usually more fixed than blured. 2. I'm afraid there's no such easy way. Of course functions have their own characteristics and Xe functions usually are more "dominant" (especially )but the fact a person is using e.g. right now tells us nothing much. You can try to guess, like ISTj usually uses pressure ( ) and their can be almost absolute then ( [Ti] connection ) whereas [Ne] in INTj will be more flexible and intuitive. Tx are logical elements, therefore they want to systemize and to make structures and explicit conclusions. Nx are about seeing things in general, Sx about seeing things in their very details and Fx is emotional in short. But I believe this is all too short and you will have to read about functions. Anyway, also: [Ti] – evident and rational elements [Si] – evident and irrational [Fi] – alleged and rational [Ni] – alleged and irrational. Rational are for making conclusions, Irrational for perceiving. Alleged - only getting some knowledge and evident - making sure. But as I said – no easy and fast way. Using an alement doesn't mean you have it in the creative function or not. Sometimes it is easiest to spot PoLR function and its elements. -- INTj
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