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Question #1329680176Sunday, 19-Feb-2012
Category: INFj Attraction Love ENTj INTj
I'm an INFj who is most attracted to ENTjs or INTjs. According to socionics, I'm suppose to be attracted to ESTjs, but I'm not, and I don't think a lot of INFjs are either. A lot of INFjs seem attracted to ENTps, but I know I'm definitely not attracted to perceiving types. Is this weird? Is a INFj/ENTj or INFj/INTj relationship even very compatible at all? -- Anonymous
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A1 I Know some ENTj-INFj coupels,they seem to get along.INTj-INFj is probabley to close... -- Anonymous
A2 I am an INFJ and all of my best friendships are with ENTJs, INTJs, and ENTPs. The communication barrier for me with Ss is often a very real roadblock in developing intimacy. INTJs are harder to have relationships with for me because it's harder to get a read on their emotions. I'm a female, and I think it's normal as a female J to not be attracted to Ps as much because, as least when paired with an N it makes for a less dominant partner. -- Lauren
A3 Hi...i am INTP and i just want to say that i have very good relation with INFJ girl, we are like soulmate, understand each other very well, and love each other deeply, we care about each other, but she sometimes be soo introverted, so i always make her out and happy and learn her new things, i like her careness and understanding for me, we really love each other forever. i do not know if this combination common but i feel INFJ love very much INTP and vice versa. i am like INTP and borderline ENTJ from inside, and i understand women very well without even talk to me. -- Anonymous
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A4 INFj, along with all other types, have to distinguish between initial (physical?) attraction and long-term compatibility. Initially with an INTj, I can see inherent understanding of the way each other functions (synchronization) and there will be common perceptions, but two intuitive planners together would likely retire to their respective corners and stew about who has the right approach - indifference may emerge. I see a much brighter future with an ENTj, although arguments will arise concerning ESTj beliefs in information that INFj would deem questionable, and concerning INFj intransigents about the way things should proceed. With an ESTj, there would be little initial synchronization, and little commonality in perception or process. However and this is key, ESTj and INFj rarely invade each others space, or tread on areas of expertise or plans; and they have what you don't and vice versa. People live most peacefully when one watches the others back and respects the others space. A small number of invasions can be excused but many infractions over a long period of time annoy people to no end. I can see why p- and j-types may not be attracted to one another, especially when they cohabitate -- I/O
A5 Socionics says nothing about attraction. All it says is "how easy will I be able to communicate with someone?" As an INFj, you would find it most easy to be honest with ESTjs whether that honesty resulted in attraction or not, and whether that honesty resulted in harmonious or volatile relations...or not. There is no guarantee in terms of your expectations of how the relationship should turn out other than to say how naturally (or honestly) the two of you are communicating. -- Anonymous
A6 I'm a fan of Keirsey Theory, in it he makes the argument that being the same N or S as your partner is important. In my words, I would say that N's should stay with N's and S's should stay with S's. Keirsey says that N's are people that like to talk about ideas, and S like total about things. According to David Keirsey your best match is your opposite, but with same N or S. In other words your best match is a ENTP. But I would imagine that NT's would fill your bill. I'm a male ENFJ and having a hard time finding female NT's. -- J. Figueroa
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