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Question #1327533858Wednesday, 25-Jan-2012
Category: INTp INTj Type me!!! Drugs
This is my first question on the site. I feel like maybe, even though the test says I am INTj, I might be INTp Or was at one point my life. (If this is even possible) Not to mention when i first took the test I got ENTp, Which I read somewhere can be easily mistaken for INTj.. or something of the sort. Though everything about the INTj, and ENTp discribes me. Uncovered.. and + and - sections. While the INTp seems to describe me when I am depressed. Or perhaps me when i was a bit younger. Which brings up another matter.. I read somewhere the possiblity of someone being able to develop their... whats the word for it.. inabilities into stronger traits. Though perhaps not the amount I am suggesting. Which causes me to believe it's possible for drugs to have also helped to have changed me. If you need any information just ask. I don't intend on going into detail unless needed. -- Anonymous
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A1 You raise an important point - one that should be looked into more thoroughly and maturely, IMO. Certainly drugs may have changed you. But I disagree that it changes your type. I myself am very different now than I was, say, 5 years ago, and I did do a lot of drugs in that time. And even though I would say that my "inabilities" are stronger traits now because of that exposure, I am still very much INFp, in fact perhaps even more of an INFp than I was before. I also have this same insecurity, at times, whether I am a j or a p, ie, INFj or INFp. I test very strongly as an INFp (on ALL tests), but when I was younger I hadn't heard of socionics so I would read the MBTI description of INFp, which is, in fact, the description of an INFj. Maybe this is what's happening to you too. Read up on Ni and Ti, and see which fits you more. -- INF:p
A2 I agree, though I could not find any direct information on Ni, Ti. -- Anonymous
A3 -- INF:p
A4 -- piccolo_michel
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