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Question #1327259132Sunday, 22-Jan-2012
Category: ENTp INTp Subtypes
Hi, in high school I took one of many versions of Jung-based personality tests and I scored as ENTP, that was about 6 to 8 years ago, now I am 22, and I retook test, even few of them, and I always scored as INTP, thought I still find myself in some ENTP charasteristics, especially as described on this site... Are those changes common, or maybe that was bit to early to take a personality test...what can moderate our preferences and what can I conculde from it about me? I am female, and according to "internet diagnostics" I might have an Asperger syndrome...if its of any use, cause when I remember myself those days, and earlier ones, I felt extremely lost, and confused about social surroundings, and did not really moderate some aspects of my behavior with my judgments, but with what I interpreted as acceptable, and usually it wouldn't really be. Excuse me for possible mistakes in this text, English is not my first language. -- Anonymous
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A1 yes i am in the same position as you. one of the flaws of the test is that extroverts with a thinking preference often test as introverts because they do not enjoy the company of others in the same style as E F types. -- SmoothLovin
A2 That probably depends how well you knew yourself then. If you were and are certain that you are ENTp, then you probably are. If not, then you are still probably ENTp, because Entps are doubtful. Or, since assuming you know yourself better than you used to and are not lost and confused anymore, you probably can retest yourself several times to make sure that the test itself was correct. Because sometimes tests can show that a person is, for example, feeling, when really they know that they are definitely not feeling and are thinking - they answered the question wrong, without really thinking about it (ironic). -- Anonymous
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A3 I do no think that type can be fully determined until one's mid-twenties. In order to facilitate maturation of internal processing, the psyche needs N input to acquire F processes and S input to acquire T processes. As well, F may be used more to rationalize N processes while T used more on S processes. In the beginning, an individual needs near to equal measures of everything in order to find and refine self. And, until there is some level of confidence with and honesty about the way you are (which comes with maturity), there will be doubt about how you see yourself, which affects your responses on type tests. Youths do tend to be more egocentric and less objective. -- I/O
A4 I'm also wondering if type can change. Could a trauma or a difficult situation affect one's personality type? -- Anonymous
A5 Simply development of Ti over time makes you more introverted. But this doesnt change the fact that you are still ENTp. -- :-)
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