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Question #1326147473Monday, 9-Jan-2012
Category: Type me!!!
Hello! So I discovered the MBTI a few months ago and I'm not sure of my own type : I can't even say if I'm extraverted or introverted. This is why I will need your help to type me. Also, I'm sorry if my english isn't perfect, but I will try my best to make the less mistakes possible. When I was younger, I used to be an hyperactive child who talked very much and to everybody (Even to strangers). I was different from the other children and I was a real troublemaker! But I changed very much many years later. I went through rough times : My classmates intimidated me and I saw my grandparents dying from cancer in the same year. It changed me : In these times, I learned to be more independent and to appreciate the time I passed alone. I used to be ashamed of my past and to cry very much while thinking about it, but now, I know that it helped me to be stronger. Today, I am very proud of who I am. I talk to almost everyone in my classes, but I don't like having close friends. I am at ease with the fact that few people know me deeply. The people that was mean with me in the past wants to be my friends today and I feel like I am ready to forgive them. I appear to be calm and reserved, but I am also very talkative and I love laughing, joking and playing pranks on others. I know that I have nice taste in music, food and fashion. My teachers sometimes tells me that I should star a career in communication, but i'm not very sure about it. However, I tend to be a little bit arrogant and manipulative with the people I dislike and I have little patience with autority. Finally, my family and friends sometimes call me "angel", because I am always ready to help them. They often call me "princess" too, because I'm a spoiled child that needs a lot of attention sometimes. x) Thanks for reading my little story and to help me to type my little self. Happy holidays ! -- Marie
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A1 Either an ESFX, an ENFX those are my two top guesses, but I realy recommend you take a test, or mutiple tests for that matter. I only have one question, how do you remember things? Do you do them once but never forget how to do it? Or do you do them once then do the samething again but in a different way? -- Kawarren-INTP
A2 @ A1 : I have an excellent memory of details & things, but I can also do things differently from the traditional method. It depends of the situation. -- Marie
A3 I agree with A1, you sound like an ESFp or ENFp to me. What works for sure is (and for people who read more questions, sorry to post it here for the 10th time): What quality makes you totally livid if someone thinks you have it, and makes you think "The person obviously doesn't know me AT ALL!" This helps to determine your primary or secondary function. Ses hate being called "absent-minded professors" because their primary Se helps them to be aware what's happening around them all the time; Tis don't like being told that they don't know what to do and how to plan anything; Ne's hate being told they have no imagination. Unfortunately one often realizes this fully only after being called something like this in reality. 2) What's your happiest early childhood memory? The memory that fills you with instant happiness and makes you think "The world was perfect at that moment!" That helps determine your first function because as small children, we rely solely on our primary function, and when this function's needs are fulfilled, we remember the moment. For example, my Si mom remembers sitting on fresh, warm soil in the garden, while my Se memories are pretty much visual and I remember the exact look of things I loved to play with and the gardens along which we used to go for a walk. My Fe friend told me her happiest memory is someone calling her a friend. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A4 Thanks guys for your help, but I think that I know what my type is now. I may be an ESTJ. I took the test at school and scored ESTP, but I don't think that my sensing is extravert. Also, I think that my personality is more like the description of the ESTJ than the one of the ESTP. But can someone tell me what are the most obvious differences between these two types, I want to be absolutely sure of it. Thanks again for your help. (: -- Marie
A5 ESTps like and need to create, change or influence the things and people around them. With time, that becomes more and more visible in their looks - for example, their heads are almost always bent slightly forward, so that they're "closer to the world around them". - ESTjs' posture is usually straight. Their concern is that the world "runs smoothly" and everyone observes certain unwritten rules. They're very critical of, sometimes even feel hurt by, people who don't observe them and have this feeling "this is a rule of behaviour everyone knows, how on earth come they don't"? ESTps are better at jobs in which they're responsible for themselves, while ESTjs tend to be good administrators. This is because in ESTps, the connection between the outer world and themselves is short and direct, and so they're always tempted to do all the work themselves: their primary Se sees that something needs to be done, so the hand automatically stretches and does it. Although ESTps are good at giving orders (some generals were ESTps), they like to at least see their orders being executed and they have difficulties not perceiving the people that execute them as their own prolonged hands. On the other hand, in ESTjs, the connection with the outer world leads through a mental system (Te) and the impression the world creates in themselves (Si). And as their primary Te is judging, they're able to work by talking. That's also why ESTps tackle problems and barriers almost nonchallantly (they see them and overcome them automatically), while for ESTjs, every diversion from what they consider "normal" is a problem and a barrier. They need more time to handle them and tend to complain about them afterwards. (There is a good article about this in the section Articles here, unfortunately I don't remember its name.) For example, when an ESTp tourist guide comes to a restaurant that has promised dinner to the guide's fifty tourists and the dinner isn't ready in time, they consider it "the kind of things that happen on organized tours", they ask when it'll be ready and if it's too long, they order appetizers for everyone or take their tourists to a different place. ESTjs handle it in a similarly practical way but it invovles more talking and they don't see it as "the kind of things that happen", but as a huge irresponsibility on the part of the restaurant staff. That's why ESTjs handle routine better, while ESTps are better with unexpected challenges. ESTjs are more susceptible to moods and tend to be generally a bit more sensitive than ESTps. This includes sensitivity to the beauties of nature: in my country, ESTjs are the typical "backpackers", they like trips to forests, lakes etc., while ESTps usually need a certain goal to go to such places apart from just "going to nature" - having time to talk to friends on the way, losing weight and such like. ESTjs are better at explaining, because their T is extroverted. A typical ESTj is a doctor or a teacher, while a stereotype ESTp is a football player (although I know two ESTp pastors and one professor of mathematics). In romantic relationships, according to Socionics, an ESTp is "the Aggressor", while an ESTj is "the Caregiver". Those are a bit too extreme names IMHO - my experience is more like "fun" is one of the key words for ESTps and "stable relationship" for ESTjs. (This sounds like copied from Keirsey's description of Artisans and Guardians but it's actually true ) -- Ezis (ESFp)
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A6 Thanks a lot, Ezis. I think that I'm obviously an ESTj : I can be sensitive, I can't stand people who don't do their work on time and I'm more likely to search a stable relationship. In other words, I can relate way more better in the ESTj description. Also, like I said before, I'm 100% sure that my sensing is introverted. Finally, I will continue to read more about my type and about wich type makes better relationships with ESTjs, now that I'm sure what my type is. -- Marie
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