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Question #1316033351Wednesday, 14-Sep-2011
Category: INFj Appearance
Do INFJs follow fashion? -- ESTJ Female
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A1 idk but i've seen some of them try ... -- Anonymous
A2 Hi, I'm an INFj( subtype)and i thought i should answer. I do like fashion, and trying to figure out how i can incoporate it into my wardrobe. I don't like to wear anything that is too extreme, or unflattering. I would say i have a classic sense of style with a few trendy pieces. -- Kristi
A3 Male INFjs do not follow fashion. They own several pairs of khaki trousers, classic polos, and nothing trendy. Could be described as classic sense of style... -- Anonymous
A4 Depends on the subtype. INFj's with strong Ne will where fashionable clothing, much like a toned down ENFp. They will where the same outfits over and over, esp. if they get compliments. However, they are not materialistic. They usually care more about other peoples property than their own. For a while I wore a leather jacket with a nice earthy orange shirt. Sometimes I wonder if whether this makes me an ENFp, but I don't see how it could, since I'm so shy and I'm definitely not INFp. I love art, literature, and the humanities. But I'm not romantic, or fantastical. I'm a brutal, but loving realist. -- an INFj
A5 Would you ever find an INFJ with tattoos and piercings? -- ESTJ Female
A6 I think INFjs create their own opinion on every element of fashion they encounter. If the opinion is positive and the element suits their general style, they'll start using it. If not, nobody will force them to. In other words, all INFjs I know have their own specific style which partly follows the fashion and partly is completely unique. A3 and A5: I've never seen an INFj man in khaki trousers, with tattoos and in piercings. Sounds very improbable, but there might be some INFjs like that. -- Ezis (ESFp)
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A7 I am an INFJ. I don't really have the desire to follow fashion trends. However, if a particular trend draws my attention and i find it flattering to my personality and my figure, I wear it. I care more about how I feel about myself when I look in the mirror than about what other people think of my style. -- Anna
A8 Um, follow fashion, no! But lead fashion, oh yes! like A6 said I create my own opinion on fashion. I'd love to be a fashion designer. And I know at least one other infj who is just the same, definately on the cutting edge of fashion. Cheers. -- dlc (INFj)
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