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Question #1312529717Friday, 5-Aug-2011
Category: INTp ESFj Relationship Dating Marriage
Any INTP women with ESFJ guys? I was wondering how it worked out for you guys.. -- Cat
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A1 I'm also an INTP and have dated two ENFJ's in my past: one who I dumped for being a pretentious, phony and egregiously pompous jerk - and who sort of stalked me for two years; and another who procured a mail-order bride behind my back and kept dating me through the 6-month fiancee visa process. After dating me for three years he simply cut off contact, with no warning, explanation or apology, the day his foreign bride arrived from her third world hell-hole of a country. He's miserable now and keeps calling me. Both these men are personable, educated, successful professionals with good social standing, but, bottom line, ESFJ's are car salesman types who lie and cheat and only care about keeping up appearances and having an obedient little wife. In the long run, they are intellectually boring to an NT, not to mention controlling and untrustworthy. My advice to you is to run far, far away from this ESFJ! Find a nice, reliable, intellectually stimulating NT-type computer or science genius who will be honest, go to sci-fi movies with you and treat you right. I'll settle for nothing less these days If you do keep seeing this ESFJ, please do listen to your gut and trust that if you suspect something is fishy, then it most certainly is. Best of luck to you, whatever you decide! -- Anonymous
A2 (A1 here) Oops - mistype in the first sentence - it should read ESFJ, not ENFJ. Sorry 'bout that -- Anonymous
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