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Question #1308766391Wednesday, 22-Jun-2011
Category: Mental Disorders ADD/ADHD Drugs Healthy Living
I think one of my work mates is a sociopath. She is very charming. But lately I've noticed her charm is always followed up by manipulative tactics of one sort of the other to get what she wants. I'm starting to think the charm is just an act and not really an expression of her personality. Her manipulations are beginning to make the work place difficult. How do you deal with manipulators in the work place? It would be easy to test her personality type, but awkward to ask her to take a sociopath test. Is there a link between a particular socionics type and mental disorders like sociopathy? Is there any socionics research on this topic? What type is most likely to have that sociopathic type of charm? For those less familiar with sociopathic traits, here's a summary of common everyday sociopaths. 1. They make you feel sorry for them. 2. They make you feel worried or afraid. 3. They give you the impression you owe them. 4. They make you feel used. 5. Sometimes you suspect they don't care about you. 6. They lie to you and deceive you. 7. They take a lot from you and give back very little. 8. They make you feel guilty (and use that to manipulate you). 9. They take advantage of your kindness. 10. They are easily bored and need constant stimulation. 11. They don't take responsibility, but place blame elsewhere. -- Anonymous
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A1 Dealing with them? Kindly and charmingly denying them their requests. Should work like a charm, pun intended. Depends of course the nature and validity of the request though. No reason to sabotage the working environments just to sink their eventual personal agendas. But if objectively unnecessary, just for personal thrive, a kind denial is sufficient. You don't owe them, therefore. And dont get to preoccupied about her. You dont owe her that either. -- ENTp
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