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Question #1306994526Thursday, 2-Jun-2011
Category: Duality ENFj ISTp Intertype Relations Relationship
Hello, I'm a French citizen who grew up in Germany and first of all I would like to address to all the readers on the Western side of the Atlantic my warmest greetings. Both, for MBTI-Test and Socionics I'm coming out as an ISTP close to INTP. But looking close at my life and especially at my childhood and youth, I'm clearly an introverted thinker and extraverted sensor. As an (M&B)ISTP I'm Ti/Se/Ni/Fe and not Si/Te/Ni/Fe. So I have basically the third and the inferior function in common with the (Socionics)ISTp. That's all. I've been reading a lot on this blog about the relationships between ISTps and ENTjs and how difficult they can be. But I don't share this opinion, at least not for my person. Looking closly at the duality, my dual would be Fe/Ni/Se/Ti which is a (M&B)ENFJ. Even the (Socionic)ENFj is fitting relatively well. So all you ENFJ-women here, don't be desperate. At least we (M&B)ISTPs don't hate you. In the contrary, I find that both, M&B as well as Socionics ENFPs, can be very suffocating although I love ENFP-women a lot; but males can freak me out, because I find them fussy and unreliable, what I could forgive a beautiful woman, (as an extraverted sensor, of course). I can understand quite well the complaints about (Socionics)ISTps, because my eldest daughter is one. It took me years to figure her out and I was too fixed on M&B. Since Socionics and M&B do not exclude each other, I made myself a schedule with 16 + 16 types and I figured out kids and friends with whom I had difficulties. You know, I have nine kids and education is not easy, because as a (M&B)ISTP I'm not the born educator. I printed out the discription of "Jean Gabin the Master", as this type is called for the (Socionics)ISTp, and read it out to my daughter. You know what she did? She smiled at me, yes, really she did, unbelievable, it really happened and I thought she never would. She tried to oppress it, but didn't manage. Honestly, to me (Socionics)ISTps seem like (M&B)ISTJ-drop-outs who lack their usual sense for morals. The do work well at school for a very long time, do their duty and all in a sudden they do something mean: mob their class-mates on facebook, lie at at their parents about it and so on. So my message to all ENFJ-women here, there are ISTPs who love you. With love and God bless you, Theo -- Theo Stuss
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A1 Hello Theo, I also found it has to be a kind of shifting between MBTI and Socionics types, maybe because of the different interpretation of functions. So ISTp (SLI) could be, for instance, between ISTP and ISTJ, ISTj (LSI) between ISTJ and ESTJ, ESTj (LSE) between ESTJ and ESTP and ESTp (SLE) between ESTP and ISTP. The reason also might come from the subtypes and so you may be interested in these descriptions for SLI and LSI From the subtypes another kind of correspondance between MBTI and Socionics could be found with these possibilities: ISTP->SLI ISTP->LSI ISTJ->LSI ISTJ->SLI -- piccolo_michel
A2 Here is the dual partner for the ISTP. She is a poster child of her type. -- jgbr
A3 So jgbr you think this girl's type is ENFp -- piccolo_ michel
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