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Question #1306572697Saturday, 28-May-2011
Category: Theory Quadrable
I found and read many theoretical explanations about "quadras (quadrables)". But I didn't find concrete examples. So can someone give me real life examples of common activities and of behaviors in one or the other "quadra"? I suspect I belong either to the gamma or to the delta "quadra". -- piccolo_michel
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A1 Oh, because of the pl├ęthora of replies it looks like there only on internet living theorists (like me!) on this site and that no one is able to tell an anecdote about a real life experience with quadras! Are then quadras a theoretical notion only or a real kind of groups? -- piccolo_michel
A2 This is from Wikisocion, just copy/paste the link. -- Anonymous
A3 to A2 thanks for the link. However what I found there is more theory than actual examples. Does anyone have lived an experience in a group where belonging to one or another quadra was obvious, or where a conflict did occur between people because they were belonging to different quadras? -- piccolo_michel
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A4 From my perspective, that link is extremely descriptive of what I observe every day between people. In fact, I wouldn't change/add anything to it at this stage. I'm not sure I follow what you're getting at. -- Anonymous
A5 As I'm a loner who belongs to no group I hardly can fancy how works a group. So I was expecting real life stories. Do groups exist where people of one quadra only are together? If it is the case, can anyone tell through a real life example how such a group was grounded? The only occasions where I was in the middle of other people were at school or at family meetings and I always felt alone. At family meetings people on my left are together and are speaking about uninteresting things and people on my right are together and are speaking about other unteresting things so that I make a kind of cleaving point between to part of the group. Even when I'm with 2 other people they are speaking together about things I don't care about and almost ignore me. So I have no instructive experience with groups as I also now try to avoid if possible every kind of meetings. -- piccolo_michel
A6 Ah. Quadras describe less the reasons for forming groups than they describe how the groups will interact together once formed. This can further be extrapolated to observe how mixed groups interact, in terms of how they get along along, create factions, etc. As for how groups form, that's more of a basic human question. -- Anonymous
A7 Is it correct to say in a nutshell, that members of alpha and beta quadras first look for people they wish to be with and then follow or introduce interests, activities, topics for discussions, rules, etc. in the group and remain in the group even when activities change while people of the gamma and delta quadras first look for interests, activities or topics for discussions and then enter groups which follow these activities or topics and and remain in the groups only so long they do so? or with other words: for alpha and beta the group and its members comes first, interests and topics are not so important, for gamma and delta interest or topic comes first, groups and their members are not so important. Is it correct to summarize theory in such a way? -- piccolo_michel
A8 I'd say that's pretty accurate. Alphas and Betas both have Fe/Ti while Gammas and Deltas both have Fi/Te. For the Fe users, it's less about finding people they want to be with than it is trying to create an atmosphere of togetherness with most anyone. For the Fi users, it's more about finding a group who shares the same set of morals/ideals/beliefs. If you think about it, Quadras are merely groups arranged by the fact that these types share the exact same functions, just arranged differently. So once you get a good sense of what each function is looking for/attempting to do, the group dynamics start to make a whole lot of sense. -- Anonymous
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