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Question #1305114881Wednesday, 11-May-2011
Category: Celebrities Typing
What is John Frusciante's (guitarist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers) type? Most people seem to believe INFp or INFj...I, for one, believe he is INFp (I watched the Funky Monks Documentary on YT and have seen several interviews) but would like other opinions... Also, please don't say he's INFj on the sole basis that he resembles Jesus...thanks.

-- Anonymous
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A1 INFp or ISTp. ISTp because he seems to use his hands a lot...INFp because of what he is saying and his speech. Just my 2 cents. -- Anonymous
A2 I believe he is an INFP because the eye brows and foreheads of INFPs rarely move if you watch INFPs on youtube. It's like everything above their eyes has been injected with botox. Also I think Christ was an INTJ because he was unmoving in his belief that he was the son of God. -- ESTJ Female
A3 John Frusciante, American guitarist, singer, songwriter, and record producer, (MBTI: INFJ), (1.Ni, 2.Fe), (Socionics: IEI), (Dostoyevsky), "The Insightful Humanist", Empath, Humanist, Foreseer, polite, reserved, emotionally deep, Caring, traditional, Cautious, Risk aversive, has few close friends, Inclined to focus on the fundamental principles underlying a task, his empathic concern for others enables him to keep a human perspective on events, sticks to routines to avoid new and possibly stressful experiences etc. -- jgbr
A4 Wait...IEI? That's INFp...did you mean EII (INFj) or did you in fact mean IEI? If he has Ni and Fe as his first two functions as he clearly appears to (IMO) doesn't that make him IEI (INFp) in socionics and INFJ in MBTI? -- Anonymous
A5 I do not use the lowercase j and p notation so far. Intuitive-Ethical-Introvert, See IEI description here: See The Empath's description here: See the INFJ description here: -- jgbr
A6 A5 - Not using socionics notation on a socionics site and linking two different personality type descriptions makes it difficult to understand your message. INFj does not equal INFJ. -- Anonymous
A7 I know. But you said he was IEI AND The Empath...which is which did you mean? -- Anonymous
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A8 He's DEFINITELY IEI. Check this out:

His is ridiculously obvious... Might be INFJ in mbti idea on that one. -- charlie
A9 IEI? does anyone disagree? -- fd
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