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Question #1301826056Sunday, 3-Apr-2011
Category: INTp INTj Attraction Relationship Love
Hello, I'm a guy unsure whether he is INTJ or INTP. So I know an INTJ girl whom I really, really like. In fact, I've liked her very much for almost a year now. My question(s) is, how can I know if she feels anything the same? She is very much an INTJ; she's told me several times she's very bad with feelings, so to me it seems impossible to know whether she actually feels something towards me or not. A description of our friendship: We are very, very much alike. Beliefs, interests, opinions, values, likes and dislikes, habits and so forth are pretty much identical. I found myself extremely attracted towards her in the beginning because she was the very first person who really understood me, why I am the person I am, and how I really am as a person. There is slight of a problem however; we do not live in the same city. We live a few hours apart. We met through a mutual friend 3 years ago or so. I've met her only a few times. Although, funnily, we both think we're going to have a lot to do with each other in the future, whether it's at university or city (we both plan on moving to the same city after we finish our education) The reason to why I've raised these questions for myself once again is because lately, maybe the last month, she's given me much more attention. In the past, she's been very busy with school, so we've only talked every now and then (have to say, when we did talk back then, we talked for _hours_ without end). Now it's every day. I can also say she behaves a little different than before towards me; she seems, well, more glad that she's talking with me. Anyway, the questions: How can I know if she feels anything the same? If she does feel anything the same, is it possible she suppresses those feelings because we live a few hours apart? How would she behave if she likes me? If there are anything else you could answer that I haven't asked, feel free to share it. Much needing some answers This is driving me crazy! By the way, it's not like we could never see each other. We're member of the same political youth party, so we could see each other much more often than we do now. We're 1 year apart in age (I'm 16, soon 17, she's 18.) Thanks in advance! -- Dude
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A1 Serious question to the rest of the readers... Is it possible that a person can be too young to accurately type? I recall reading somewhere that all teenagers test exhibit signs of sociopathy just by being teenagers. -- Anonymous
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