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Question #1301300283Monday, 28-Mar-2011
Category: Brain ESTj S/N Functions
As an ESTJ how do I develop my intuitive side? -- ESTJ Female
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A1 Stop and relax more. Resist that drive to dominate every situation. -- Anonymous
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A2 Think about what could be. Think about the future. Think about where things are going and how they might develop. Think about how things can be different. Think about how things can be changed and improved. Think about the past and how it relates to the present and the future. Try to predict what will happen in different situations. Imagine different situations in your head and try to picture what people would do, what they would think, and how they would act if they were in those hypothetical situations. Consider the different options and choices present in situations, and where those choices could lead. -- Anonymous
A3 Spend time with your dual, the INFj. They'll help you with intuition, and eventually you will learn from them, but they won't put hurtful pressure on your weaknesses. Best of luck. -- INFj
A4 Spend time with the people you would never normally speak with or spend time with. If you think a person is non-productive or non-contributive to society, if you think they're rude and ignorant of social convention, or if you plain don't understand anything they say or do - spend time with them. Because A) they're people just like you, and B) you're always going to be challenged most by the people who embody characteristics you find displeasing. That challenge will help develop your intuition. -- Anonymous
A5 works...and sit across from an INFJ for almost 3 years that helps too. INFJ's are my favorite type of people...thank God I've only met one. Wouldn't know what to do with myself if I knew more than that. They are super rare. If you can find'll "click" it'll just take time for you, the ESTJ, to figure it out. -- Female ESTJ
A6 Make more intuitive friends, and since ESTJs tend to like activity, yoga is good too. It'll help you connect with the universe better. -- INFx
A7 You may not be able to significantly develop your intuitive side but you can tap it through practice - like a right-handed person trying to become proficient with the left. Try cutting-off all sources of physical stimulation for periods of time like lying in silent darkness. As well, failures and mental stresses will automatically bring it out; you may notice that during such times, you'll become quiet and reflective (maybe even a little spiritual), which may be a sign that you are searching for answers from your intuitive side - trying to re-center yourself or make sense of something that is too abstract. -- Anonymous
A8 pay attention to things that don't seem important and try to think how they *might* correlate with other things. -- entp
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