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Question #1300788891Tuesday, 22-Mar-2011
Category: Theory
Why does there seem to be such a lack of Ni in North America? (If anyone disagrees please point plz it out) I mean within both culture and individuals ( a lack of individuals who are Ni dominant). Does it appear to be changing? what do people think? -- Tricia (entp)
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A1 .... (Introverts are more likely to reflect on what's going on around them, whilst extroverts don't notice so much as they're socialising more).... Is that paranoid?? -- Simon the INFp
A2 I'm a IEI Ni-subtype, and I agree completely that there is a lack of Ni in North America. This became even more clear to me because I have spent the last few months in India, and Ni is a lot more common here, at least as the second function, so a lot of ENTjs and ENFjs. Whereas in North America it seems that ESTj and ESFj is more common. I don't know why there is a lack of Ni in N. America, although of course Ni-dominant types are in the minority to begin with. A society with a majority of IEIs and ILIs has never existed - it would be too inefficient and impractically idealistic to ever exist. Perhaps because Ni is so complex, both to describe it and in it's actual function, it is difficult to find it in a mainstream culture known for being particularly superficial. -- Anonymous
A3 Maybe it's repressed by the government, so people don't think for themselves and rebel as much? The advert 'introvert=loser', supports this theory. Call me paranoid. -- Simon the INFp
A4 There is a definite under-representation of Ni in North America. I think the simplest explanation, aside from genetic predetermination which I consider a bit of a cop out, would be that North American culture is heavily indoctrinated into ignoring this aspect of the collective psyche. When you think about it, institutions such as government, finance, education and the media exist in order to create order and permanence. When a society is organized around these types of long-standing traditions, thinking outside of the box becomes very difficult. Of course, thinking outside of the box is not reserved for Ni, but I believe the ability to intuit trends is something most people tend to ignore. Furthermore, with the current quality of life and resource availability, I doubt there is much of an impetus for most people to use Ni. History would suggest that human beings need to be put into highly repressive situations before really seeing things in a new light (think Dark Ages, Holocaust). It would appear that the world is currently headed into a period of unprecedented decline in which these types of alternative points of view are going to become very necessary. With this in mind, it is possible that Ni representation may begin to change within society. -- INFp guy
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