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Question #1298185600Sunday, 20-Feb-2011
Category: ENTj ENFp Relationship Benefit and Supervision
What's a relationship like for male ENTJ and female ENFP? -- Woman
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A1 Depends, there are many factors to consider. Enneaagram type, social status, mental disorders. All of these come into play especially during this type of interaction. You can't ask a question like this and get an actual answer, only a superficial one if that. It will be completely different for every person. You'll have to find out for yourself. -- Anonymous
A2 Im an ENFP female and my boyfriend is an ENTJ male. We have been living together for 3 years now. Im 22 and he is 26. For the most part we have a really good relationship. We are also both gemini's which I think plays a role in our compatibility. I will admit it isnt the easiest relationship, but any relationship takes work. I believe as long as you are on the same page as far as morals and values go then that is a solid foundation to start from. As far as basic personality traits go derived from our peronality profiles we meet them almost identically. The main issue results from lack of communication. As long as both parties are willing to devote enough time to working on the communication and trust you have a shot. Secondly, in this type of partnership, I beleive one of the partners needs to stand as the dominant one. They both need to feel somewhat in control, however, as long as it is clear about who wears the pants in the relationship things work out better. I beleive this can be a natural connection, an immediate friendship, but a long term relationship will take some dedication. These two types have very different perspectives on life. The ENTJ is the executive, where as the ENFP is the inspirer. Because of the differences between the two, they intrigue each other. That alone can keep the spark alive! In alot of ways, I beleive we balance each other out. Hope this helps! -- Lana Jones
A3 Want to have a good enfp entj relationship? TALK. My best friend for life (both male) is an entj. This our typical day together, smoke weed, talk, cook food, do something, smoke again, talk some more, find some more people to share our knowledge (that we've accumulated from talking) with, smoke, talk. You'd be surprised at how similar enfp and entj are. -- Andre (enfp)
A4 I'm an ENTJ female, paired with an ENFP male. Andre's right. Communication is key. We're really a lot alike and even compliment eachother. He teaches me how to be sensitive and how to emote, to the point where it helps me be express myself and often times, be more dramatic. In return I show him decisiveness, a tactful thought process, less drama more structure. Together, there's some kind of amazing teamwork we got going on. We're both aspiring in the entertainment world, I (ENTJ) a creator/writer, he (ENFP) director. We have a deep understanding of eachother, almost psychic/intuitive mental connection, sexual chemistry is high. But then there's also times where I'm like "Just tell me what the F you want to say" and times when he's asking me millions of questions trying to understand where I'm coming from an emotional standpoint, my feelings behind my words, and I'm just straight up. The ENTJ needs to consider the steps involved in things sometimes to make overall better decisions, considering others feelings, their own motivations, where they are placed and what order. The ENFP needs a lot of reassurement and sometimes ENTJ accidentally bypasses it without realizing. In turn, the ENFP fails to assure the ENTJ as well, because of all the questioning and naturally inclined curiousity. (I can imagine Being two geminis is either a super plus or super frustrating). My situation is Leo (ENTJ) and Pisces (ENFP). But overall, we have a pretty loving, passionate, instinct-based, almost animalistic relationship... at it's core. On the outside, in the superficial world, we sparkle. People say we're the perfect couple. Seems natural for a guy to be the "dominant" ENTJ type and for a girl to be the more "passive" ENFP. Curious what that must be like. -- B
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