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Question #1297110994Monday, 7-Feb-2011
Category: Typing ENFj ESFj Appearance
How can you tell the difference between an ESFj and ENFj? -- Anonymous
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A1 Poster of the question here, I think I should be more specific. I always find myself around more-or-less "society" women, and try to type them - I can easily see the E, F, and j, but I'm not so sure about the S/N. Especially because both their leading functions are Fe, so I would have to try and figure out their secondary function. Which is hard, because ENFj's Ni can look a lot like Si (caring about physical comfort) and an ESFj's Si can look like Ni (caring about spiritual well-being). Both seem to care about both. So what I'm asking is, any telltale signs, manners, etc. that differentiate the two? In a way that doesn't seem like I'm prying into their lives.... -- Anonymous
A2 It is a difficult question to answer. Though I would suggest that you look at both profiles, there are likely to be differences. For example, ENFJ's are probably going to be more likely to be interested in humanitarian and theoretical causes and ideas, whereas ESFJ's are likely to be more down to earth and current with their interests. With regard to finding out their interests, just ask! The chances are that they will have varying degrees of interests in both, with the N's enjoying N type activities and S enjoying S type activities. But remember, they're extroverted feelers! The chances are that they'll relish talking about themselves and their interests. Understanding people involves taking an interest in what they do. Hope This helps a bit. - An ENFJ -- Anonymous
A3 Just ask when was World War 3 or any general/trick question and after a couple of questions you will figure out that N/S. It goes without saying that N's tend to be smarter than S's -- Anonymous
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