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Question #1293432292Monday, 27-Dec-2010
Category: ENTj Personality Advice Functions Socionics
Why is the ENTJ or LIE considered the most dynamic psychotype? -- ENTppp
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A1 Im pretty sure you got that from wikisocion, and im pretty sure that was just a guys opinion. -- Anonymous
A2 Watch the ENTJ (Te ni) man dancing. Not inhibited by emotions.

-- jgbr
A3 Why is the ENTJ considered the most dynamic psychotype? Here is an illustration for that. Rich Franklin Workout.

(Trainer:INTP) -- jgbr
A4 ENTj can have very strong beliefs in themselves and or what they understand or know, and they can be very interactive and energetic when proving themselves. They seem to have an urge to challenge or force everyone to believe what they believe, or would want you to believe, so in that way, they can appear dynamic. Dynamic implies constant change, activity or progress; it's an adjective that can be attached to other types. -- I/O
A5 ENTj can be hypersensitive to the slightest insult.

(Notice two ENTJs in the intro part) -- jgbr
A6 ENTJ frequently has difficulty in relaxing.

-- jgbr
A7 The ENTj is fearless and doubtless. However he has difficulty in accepting helpless situations. Mission scene from film Catch-22.

The navigator "I think we're there" is ESFj. The "silk marketer" is ESFp. -- jgbr
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A8 United States Marine receives the Silver Star medal for "conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action" while serving in Afghanistan, Sgt. Philip McCulloch (ENTJ, Pioneer)

-- jgbr
A9 Stunt performer recovers from drug addiction an moves on with his life. Steve-O (ENTJ, Pioneer)

-- jgbr
A10 Nigel Farage British politician (ENTJ, Pioneer)

-- jgbr
A11 I would call ENFjs and ENTps "most dynamic psychotypes", too; depends on what you mean by "dynamic". -- Ezis (ESFp)
A12 "Since when is forgiveness a better quality than loyalty?", "Well, I gotta go learn a bunch of people’s names before I fire them.", Business is back, Jealousy is back, Debauchery is back, Adultery is back, Confidence is back, Machiavellism is back, Mad Men: Roger Is Back, (John Slattery) (ENTJ, Pioneer)

Mad Men executive producer Matthew Weiner (ENTJ, Pioneer) -- jgbr
A13 Dennis Rodman retired American Hall of Fame professional basketball player. He was nicknamed "Dennis the Menace" and was known for his fierce defensive and rebounding abilities. Rodman experienced an unhappy childhood and was shy and introverted in his early years. After aborting a suicide attempt in 1993, he reinvented himself as a "bad boy" and became notorious for numerous controversial antics. He dyed his hair in artificial colors, presented himself with many piercings and tattoos and regularly disrupted games by clashing with opposing players and officials. (ENTJ, Pioneer)

-- jgbr
A14 The pioneer has zest for life. They have ability to create double meaning humor, they are not rare among comedians Video: 11 Acorn Lane - Happy As Can Be, creative interpretation of this song from an ENTJ, Pioneer.

-- jgbr
A15 Pop artist Andy Warhol (ENTJ, pioneer) eating a hamburger. Comments on this video: "Only he could make eating a hamburger seem weird", "Either he is making a beautiful artistic statement, or he really had no idea where he was going with this.", "This man is amazing because he can hypnotize you into watching him eat a burger for 4 minutes 28 seconds", "Eating a Hamburger was never so Good!", "He looks so nervous and hyper self-aware...", "I like to eat a hamburger at my desk and play this video on loop while having an imaginary conversation with Andy.", "What a stupid haircut"

-- jgbr
A16 A15: has Andy Warhol as INFp... -- Simon the INFp
A17 "Why Always Me?" Mario Balotelli (ENTJ, Jack London, "Rodman") an Italian footballer who plays as a striker for Manchester City and the Italy national team. Balotelli has been given a reputation by the media for being a difficult character and taking part in questionable and often amusing activities. Although denying that he is "crazy" as his mentor Roberto Mancini frequently claims, Balotelli has admitted that he "sometimes does strange things". He is highly independent, values his freedom, and is sensitive to issues of power, authority, and domination. When under attack, he quickly defends himself. He is touchy where criticism is concerned but not easily intimidated.

A youngster asked Balotelli for his autograph after practice one day. When Mario asked him why he was not in school, the kid said he was being picked on. So he drove the boy and his mother to school and gave the bully a talking to. He also met to the headmaster to discuss the issue. Mario feels strongly about bullying and thinks it is out of order. Racism was a big worry going into Euro 2012, but Balotelli had some stern words for racists before the tournament, saying, "I will not accept racism at all. It is unacceptable. If someone throws a banana at me in the street, I will go to jail, because I will -beat- them." -- Anonymous
A18 The pioneer sometimes sees self at short end of social comparisons. Often recounts past wrongs while boiling with anger. Joan Rivers (ENTJ, Jack London) on "The Ed Sullivan Show". The clip is humorous but it is in fact a sarcastic presentation of a personal suffering.

-- Anonymous
A19 "That that starts sweet ends bitter, and that which starts bitter ends sweet." - Johny Quid (Pioneer)

Turbulence within the delta quadra in the background. -- Anonymous
A20 David Petraeus (ENTJ, "The Sentinel", "The Enterpriser") is an American former military officer and public official. He served as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, until his resignation. Prior to his assuming the directorship of the CIA, Petraeus was a four-star general serving over 37 years in the United States Army.

Very similar personality to David Petraeus was Horatio Nelson. -- Anonymous
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