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Question #1292843399Monday, 20-Dec-2010
Category: INFp ENFj ESTp Relationship Marriage
Hi everyone, I'm an INFP *male* and I wanted to know which type you think is best for me(an INFP male)..a ENFJ female or a ESTP female? :/ help plz -- Anonymous
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A1 according to socionics, (note you are on a socionics site) the answer is ESTp. i know by the descriptions they don't seem very good, or like they "fit" you, but once you experience it, you'll see. outwardly an ESTp looks like an impulsive mess, adventurous, but some can be very in control. in reality on the inside, they are even more sensitive than the INFp, who seems quite sensitive but is a bit more "hard" on the inside. the ESTp wants to know what you're thinking, they're pretty insecure people although it doesn't look like it. they need to know you really love them. -- Anonymous
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A2 I think ENSJ will be better. "S" may think "N" is complicated and unable to understand. -- 272688355
A3 @ A1 Well A1 I'm actually with a ENFj female. Our relationship is amazing and just very enjoyable in so many ways. We laugh(a lot), cry, joke, argue, work and just about everything together. She is smothering at times because she feels like I will run off and replace her :/ thats what she says. We know each others thoughts and emotions so well it's like esp(crazy!). We have this extremely passionate love and we accept every challenge life throws at us together. We're both competitive( I'm an INFP male remember and shes a ENFJ female) me a little bit more than her but I guess I owe that to the perfectionism tendencies. The ESTP female hmmm well she is much different than my ENFJ gf and the only reason I'm asking is because she was a mystery to me and still is :/. we had sort of a love at first sight moment at a young age. now shes back but I'm sure our relationship would be a little platonic where as my ENFJ female does exactly what I love she brings out my deep hidden passions yummm . my gf and I are both hopeless romantics and fit so well..I guess I just wonder could there really be a better person for me out there? :/ and is that person this ESTP female? shes always liked me loves me from afar...shes always dang busy and when i speak of love she seems scary about it like oh i have to wait to do this n that n me being INFp I just totally embrace my passion especially when it comes to love so...idk I guess i saw her as being a big PUNK in a way :/....should I think it over? -- The Questioner INFp male
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