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Question #1291542371Sunday, 5-Dec-2010
Category: Benefit and Supervision INFp INTj INFj Attraction
I'm an INFP with MBTI, and I think in Socionics I am INFJ, but anyways is Relations of Benefit, for INTJ a good match for INFP or Look-a-like Relations with INTJ for INFJ a good match? -- Anonymous
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A1 I am an MBTI INTP married to an MBTI INFP. We have problems keeping up the housework some times, and our conflicts tend to be heated but short lived. Conflict is the only issue as my tools are all logical and her tools are all emotional, so my logic really doesn't help, because all she really wants is to feel like everything is okay. Once I learned to work with that, everything else about the relationship is absolutely awesome! -- Beaves
A2 I am an INTJ who has had a relationship with INFP for years. It is indeed the relationship of benefit. I feel I get nothing in return. Whilst I have worked with INFJ . The only thing bad is that we forget about each other.Very smooth no conflict. -- Anonymous
A3 As an INTj, I've found that relationships with INFp to be non-conflict stand-offs. They tend to patronize me continually hinting that that I should do things much differently, even though I'm far more successful. We each think the others priorities are wrong. I find INFp very likeable and want to please, but the ones I know well tend toward being obsessive, frivolous and avaricious telling only half truths in order to get their own way although never for malicious purposes. -- I/O
A4 my best advise is to first research analytic psychology more because INFP are opposites INFJ. If you were a fruit, you shouldn't be ambiguous to if you were an apple or tomato. If you were an infP, your psychological functions in order would be introverted Feeling (Fi), extroverted iNtuition (Ne), introverted Sensing (Si) and your inferior would be extroverted Thinking (Te). If your were an infJ, your functions would be introverted iNtuition (Ni), extroverted Feeling (Fe), introverted Thinking (Ti) and your inferior would be extroverted Sensing (Se). If don't understand this, watch this video:

, which contrasts INFPs and INFJs. -- Sindri
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