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Question #1284900809Sunday, 19-Sep-2010
Category: Advice ENFp ESFj Relationship
Is it possible for a relationship to work for Enfp and Esfj? I am an ENfp girl... It seems that I can win almost any type's heart but not the Esfjs. I wondered why.. I hope some ESfj male out there can give some input on what you think about us, whether you like us. what you do not like about us and how to win your heart. Thank you -- Enfp woman
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A1 esfj stink. But i am a male enfp. they are conceited and judgemental like u wouldnt believe and boring. -- Anonymous
A2 A1 ha! They are your benefactors. That's probably why you have such strong feelings towards them! -- Anonymous
A3 So is there a specific ESFj that you are interested in or are you just trying to make everyone fall in love with you? -- Anonymous
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A4 There is a specific ESfj I am interested in.. -- Enfp Woman
A5 ESFj are all about mind games. It would also really benefit you if you let him be in control of the relationship. I mean literally hand him the steering wheel, you can influence him but let him think everything happening is his idea. Try not to willingly say "I love you" that one kills them. -- Anonymous
A6 It took me 3 years to finally get a certain ESFj to fall for me. It's NOT easy. And making them jealous absolutely does not work. They are very sensitive and anything that appears to them as not being interested will not make them work harder, but make them shut down and remove any feelings they ever had towards you. You must not rush them, you must not annoy them, and you must not insult them without a very, very valid reason. -- ENFP
A7 Stroke their arm when you walk by, and smile. But Don't smile when they wink at you, instead roll your eyes or threaten them (get creative... I'm going to leave!! and u can stand here by yourself now mr. hits on everyone!! then run away!) They think its adorable! (wierdos!) Or ask them if they have something in their eye. Its hilarious. Reverse psychology is your best friend (that will nevverr happen. no. in your dreams. all with a smile work) If you do this ESFj's will be stalking... I mean asking you out daily/two years after the breakup. -- ENFp/INTj crossbreed
A8 What A6 said. . . and btw, I've had several ENFp's like me in the past and I've liked them as friends, but I just wasn't interested. FYI: ESFj's rarely change their minds about someone they've made up their mind on. If the ESFj has told you point-blank that they aren't interested, move on. We don't particularly like being stalked. It's flattering, but we'd rather the person move on and just be friends with us instead. And as to the reason why I'm not attracted to ENFp's. . . frankly, you either come across as a know-it-all [when you don't really know] or, you're annoying in one way or another. Or, we only like you as a friend, nothing more and we've just never considered you as an option. As ESFj's we're very choosy. We're the leaders of the pack and we know that we can have anyone that we want. Literally. And usually we go for people that our friends respect. So, helpful hint: Get on the ESFj's best friends good sides, [because we listen to those that we're close to]. -- ESFj - N
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