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Question #1281281540Sunday, 8-Aug-2010
Category: INFj Business
How are INFj's when it come to money? -- Anonymous
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A1 I am all or nothing. Pound wise, penny foolish. I will shop at Thrift Stores, and get expensive items for next to nothing...but my collections get the best of me. I can get easily addicted to a shopping routine/treasure hunt and then go cold turkey. I can go a long time without spending, BUT I am not good at making money and sometimes need to save every penny just to make it. When I was making good money, I lived on less that half, and saved the rest. Regular jobs are hard to keep, I do not relate to co-workers in the traditional superficial way, I either bond deeply (great!)or not at all and go into clinical therapist mode which threatens those who are SJ & SPs. (I'll get written up frequently due to coworker complaints..."lack of common sense" issues) I would be better suited for jobs that require higher education, but kept changing my mind on majors...because I really just wanted to be a stay at home wife/mom & was just going through the motions. If I would have known at 39 that I would still not have been married, I would have done things differently. -- Anonymous
A2 Very giving and not possessive of it. Bargain shoppers for top quality merchandise, won't settle for cheap inferior products. Refuse to pay full price for anything and will spend hours researching to find it as cheap as possible. Will also spend hours researching products to find the best rated. Not great with investments but if taught correctly, like anyone, can budget wisely. -- Anonymous
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