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Question #1280493712Friday, 30-Jul-2010
Category: Type me!!! Tests Personality
Could you help type me? I think I'm an Introvert, but that's all. Here is a little bit about me: In public, people think I'm an empty-headed, girly girl because I simply smile at whatever their saying, hardly say anything and just sort act coquettish. But deep down, I feel unable to communicate my true thoughts and feelings and feel awkward regardless of how pretty I look. I have a real difficulty interacting and socializing with others. People seem to like me at first, but they don't understand me very well and eventually think I'm very distant. I much prefer to socialize on the dance floor with a drink in my hand than sit around at a BBQ and such. I start getting really anxious if nothing is stimulating me. I am more of a homebody (I live with roommates) & I love researching things that interest me and reading books (esp. if it's on a hobby or biography). I also tend to think a lot. Lately, it's been about how my friendships are troubling me and what I should do about them, as well a romantic interest I like (he's an ISFj) and what I should be doing right now. I also really have this strange dichotomy where I get really upset internally (meaning I don't express it at all) if people don't compliment me on my looks, yet I really hate being on display and scrutinized. I also really dislike labels. My ex (an ESTj) once told me he thought I was a 'Party Girl' after he met me at a mutual friends party where I was dancing and having fun with the crowd. That was the reason why he liked me! The truth was I had never even been to a bar or danceclub before that party (I had just turned 21 when he first met me). I would much prefer people notice my intelligence. I am reasonably smart, but I do feel intellectually inadequate by people who are better educated than me or worse, communicate their ideas. This really affects me a lot. I have also decided that I want to go to design college since art and design are my deepest interests. Although, I feel really unmotivated most of the time because when I'm at a low point, I get real anxious and don't feel like taking risks. Romantically, I'm uninterested in most men who find me attractive. I guess I prefer a bit of a challenge? Plus, I don't like that they like me superficially. That really annoys me. It usually takes me awhile to develop an interest in a guy I don't know well. But once I feel comfortable with him, I develop a deep love for him. Also, I should give a quick mention about why my friendships are troubling me. I am in my early twenties, and still cannot within an inch of my life, stabilize my friendships. In the beginning, everything is fine. We hang out weekly, sometimes a few times a week, text each other, email, facebook, whatever. We all seem so tightknit. But then they start getting on my nerves. A lot of them I find are too gossipy and untrustworthy, too unconfident, too clingy and demanding. Then I start making up excuses to avoid them. I need distance from their behavior sometimes. I tend to develop friendships with people too early, and just end up disappointed. It's normal for me to drop out of these difficult friendships permanently and start all over again, instead on working on these conflicts. I have to learn to confront issues better! Well, that is all, and thanks for any insights on my type. -- Curieux
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A1 INFp imo -- Anonymous
A2 This sounds very much how i act in public as well. I just recently typed myself as an INFj even though i have doubts about my type and waiting for answers on my typing as well. I was dualized, since i was born with my grandmother(may she rest in peace). I don't really know socionics very well, but i thought maybe i would chime in with what i think may be your type. I will check back later to see what everyone thinks. -- K
A3 INTp? -- ENFp
A4 Thanks for your input☺. I will look into those three types (INFp, INFj and INTp). If it's useful, you can also take this into consideration: I always type as Enneagram 5w6 (on occasion 5w6 tied with4), I appreciate cultured things-like art, the opera and ballet, but also enjoy watching one-on-one contact sports (think boxing and wrestling); in my teen years, I was kicked out of teams and sqauds for lacking pep and team spirit, or not showing up for practices, so I prefer being a spectator. Outwardly, I am always striving to be polite enough, friendly enough, feminine enough etc etc, but I don't have a strong interest to connect with people. I also have a real hard time 'faking nice' if I really don't like the person. I also think I mentioned (or attempted to) that I abruptly end friendships and relationships that are not working out for me. And also, I hate arguing! It takes too much of my time and I hate having to explain why I'm right! And they're such an invasion of my privacy! That's one thing I really dislike. People who invade my privacy, ask invasive questions, start debating topics, sit or stand too close to me. These things put me off so fast it's unbelievable. One thing I really like: When people ask my input and appreciate (and use) my ideas. I like feeling competant. -- curieux
A5 This is A1, orignally i said INFp now i'd say INTp because of that last post. -- Anonymous
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A6 Ok thanks. That is much more helpful! I do seem to have strong introverted thinking. Although I'm not really into the INTp description completely, specifically on this site, I did some research on wikisocion and It sounds reasonably similar to me. -- Curieux
A7 I see ISTp traits in her paragraphs. -- Anonymous
A8 ISTp is another interesting guess on my type because both INTp's and ISTp's use introverted thinking. Is there anyone who can tell me the difference between the two quadra types that can help me narrow it down further? -- Curieux
A9 Introvert per your own assessment; definitely a sensor; appears unconfident yet desirous of Ni -> therefore, ISxJ. -- Anonymous
A10 Hmm. You seem like you're of IP temperament. From what you've said, Introverted Feeling/Fi is important to you, but you can't seem to do much with it on your own. That points to Fi in the super-id, probably mobilizing/6th function. Look in the ISTp/SLI and INTp/ILI types and see what you identify with more. I'm extremely inclined to say the former, since a lot of the problems you deal with involve topics such as 'the invasion of privacy' and 'needing distance' which would point toward unvalued Se/Extroverted Sensing, probably ID-block 7th/8th function. -- [si][te]
A11 I*F*, so far as I can tell from the information you provided. I'm leaning towards ISFp -- mutsurini
A12 These are all real helpful. I think I try to alter my behavior a bit socially since it's so hard to 'fit in' and conform with group standards. I read the types I responded best to ISTp. There was one ISTp subtype (The aesthete one), that seemed to fit me to a tee. Thanks to all your help! -- curieux
A13 INFJ -- Anonymous
A14 *pat myself on the back* Before I read A12, I concluded she was ISTp. At first I tried to break down what she was saying and qualify each component individually. Doing that, I had concluded she was ESFp. But the description did not seem to fit. Reading the other *S*p descriptions, ISTp really stood out. I think it's a good fit. -- Anonymous
A15 to A 6 and A 8: Don't forget Socionics INTp (ILI) is NiTe (strong valued functions)... FiSe (weak valued functions). ISTp (SLI) is SiTe (strong valued functions)... FiNe (weak valued functions). Ti dominant are INTj (LII) and ISTj (LSI) You may also look at quadras INTj 1st, ISTj 2nd, INTp 3rd, ISTp 4th -- piccolo_michel
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