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Question #1279963533Saturday, 24-Jul-2010
Category: Celebrities Typing
Simon Phillip Cowell is a British music executive, television producer and entrepreneur. He is known in the United Kingdom and in the United States for his role as a talent judge on TV shows such as Pop Idol, The X Factor, Britain's Got Talent, and American Idol. Cowell is notorious as a judge for his blunt and often controversial criticisms, insults and wisecracks about contestants and their abilities. Simon Cowell has revealed that he is often plagued by "dark moods" and "miserable" thoughts. The music mogul confirmed that he rarely stays happy for long and has even considered seeking help for his problems. "Nothing in particular brings it on. You can be having the best time of your life and yet you're utterly and totally miserable. I get very antisocial, depressed and irritable with people. I don't have time for them. I can't make phone calls and stuff." On how he copes with the mood swings, the star continued: "I just sit on my own for days.”. Cowell has speculated that the personal problems may stem from his success and exhausting schedule. Which type may be Simon Cowell? X Factor 2009 Simon Cowell best insults

-- jgbr
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A1 He is usually typed as an ISTj, and I'd have to agree. He seems serious, but charming at times. And when an ISTj is unhealthy, they become depressive (I can look for the site I found this on if you'd like more info). Also, he VI's as an ISTj. -- Jas, ESFp girl
A2 A1. Incorrect. ISTJ types often have depressive moods indeed, but Mr Cowell's symptoms are a slightly different. -- jgbr
A3 He would be fun to hang out with. -- Anonymous
A4 Yes, I agree that his symptoms are quite strange. There are certain things he says that makes me want to go with ISTp - He says he can get anti-social, depressed and iritable with people. I don't quite think he's ESTj or INTj. -- A1
A5 He's an ISTj. -- Anonymous
A6 jgbr, you asked for help, maybe you should appreciate A1's response, if nothing less then just keep it in mind that Simon Cowell COULD be an LSI. personally i think he is INTj. -- Anonymous
A7 A6 Still incorrect. I appreciate A1's effort. What is Simon Cowell's role in the tv shows? He is the critic. What type is he? -- jgbr
A8 Actually, yes, I agree. He could be an INTj still. -- A1
A9 In spite of all his "negativism", he is really a very kindly person in nature. He is capable of pouring a bucket of cold water out on the head of an enthusiast. But on the other hand, he is likewise capable of easing one's despair, when they are unlucky, when things go the wrong way, when destiny seems to be hostile. He is not INTJ. -- jgbr
A10 jgbr, are you trying to say he is an INTp? -- A1
A11 Maybe he's an ESTJ aspiring to be an INTP. The long-entrenched, stony heart awaiting something magical and otherworldly, deep within another, to awaken it - and in steady, relentless pursuit for PERFECT (HA) infilling of this, his personal inner grail. He does come off a bit haughty, too, doesn't he - ? -- Anonymous
A12 A10. Is that so hard to believe? -- jgbr
A13 hahaha simon cowell is NOT an INTp. you can just VI him and tell THAT much. -- A6
A14 A13 Are you sure? Simon Cowell is not a judger, he is the critic. I suggest you to collect a bunch of images of John Travolta, John F Kennedy, Roger Waters and Simon Cowell. Stare these images for one or two days and you will see emerging patterns. -- jgbr
A15 just because someone's occupation is a critic doesn't mean they are "the critic" in socionics... look at the difference. these are all INTps. now look at that is an INTj. there's a huge difference in how INTj's and INTp's look. perhaps i should be giving you the lesson instead of you attempting to give me one, even though i haven't even seen your name on this site that i have been using for years until just a couple weeks ago. -- Anonymous
A16 jgbr: Wrong. If you watch his body language, Simon seems to have a rather controlled nature as opposed to a more relaxed one, indicative of Ij temperament rather than Ip. My typing is IxTj/LxI, probably INTj/LII -- [si][te]
A17 Simon Cowell is an INTP perhaps with mild case of schizotypal PD according to his own observations. He is in the middle on this image A15. Of course you can give me the lesson. I am always interested to learn from experts. -- jgbr
A18 A16 has a point. INTp's remind me of unstructured oddballs, whereas INTj's are a bit more put together -in attitude as well as appearance. Not all INTp's are exactly alike, but he seems more Ij. -- Anonymous
A19 A18. Some INTPs may be unstructured oddballs, nevertheless many of them are highly valued professionals in their own fields. INTJs are solitary and perhaps less people-oriented. -- jgbr
A20 and who's to say simon cowell isn't solitary and less people-oriented? -- Anonymous
A21 jgbr: You do realize this is Socionics and not MBTI, right? These outward characteristics you're stating can apply to many types. -- SLI
A22 A21. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Socionics are both based on Jung's psychological types theory. MBTI is the Anglo-Saxon school and Socionics is the Russian (Soviet) school. Both of them are important. -- jgbr
A23 That wasn't my point. "These outward characteristics you're stating can apply to many types." That was my point. They both originate from Jung, true, but they are not the same. -- SLI
A24 ISTp. He's Mel Gibson, part deux. -- INFp guy
A25 jgbr, why are you so 100% positive that he is INTp. Could there be even a one percent error in your judgement? -- Anonymous
A26 A25. Because of PD check (Schyzotypal) and VI check. Simon Cowell is an INTP. -- jgbr
A27 Schizotypal is INTj. Schizoid is INTp. -- Anonymous
A28 jgbr: Let me take a guess at your own type. Ij temperament? You seem to have the perspective of a static type rather than dynamic. Maybe it's a stereotype, but your closed-mindedness and bullheadedness, the tendency of taking your opinion and positing it as perfectly flawless, and building your own sort of framework of the system points more towards Ne-devaluing and Ti-valuing. ISxj/xSI? Inclined to say LSI. Am I close to the mark? I'm curious -- SLI
A29 personality disorders don't contribute to personality type. and how would you know simon cowell has schizotypal? if you have anything saying he does, feel free to link it, because i searched it and found nothing. -- A6, A13, A15
A30 Not to add coals to a burgeoning argument, but could we cite references to particular interviews or television programs instead of V.I.? There exists a multitude of recordings of Simon Cowell's own personal statements and critiques, and I feel that those are more relevant to a discussion of his personality than his "facial structure" or the like. Also, while it is likely that certain personality disorders are more prevalent among certain types, I wouldn't go so far as to say that INTp's have a monopoly on schizoid personality disorder, nor INTj's on schizotypal behavior. -- Random INTj
A31 A27. Inversely. -- jgbr
A32 A28. My type is irrelevant. -- jgbr
A33 Can't any introvert be schizoid? I'm sure I know an ISFj who's a schizoid... -- Simon the INFp
A34 A31, clearly links INTj's to schizotypal. And many types can show Schizotypal traits. There's no such thing as one type showing strong personality disorder traits. Some can have a mixture of 2 or 3 (for instance an Antisocial showing both Narcissitic and Sadist traits.) And for the record, VI is extremely difficult to learn. This site claims facial structure is the best way at VI-ing a person, another states you should only take facial expressions into consideration and discard the facial structure. I wouldn't rely on it. -- Anonymous
A35 A34. VI is insanely accurate and it is extremely easy to learn if you have a high quality image and video database. To build such type database without any support is extremely difficult. -- jgbr
A36 A34. Clear one-to-one relationships exist between personality types and personality disorders. For some reason this information is not published officially. Personality disorders have subtypes, where the subtypes relate to the personalities of the parents. -- jgbr
A37 A34. The correspondence of Myers-Briggs types to personality disorders are incorrect on Only a few cases are correct. (For example a "Leisurely ESTJ" is an oxymoron.) Dave Kelly calls this "Correspondence" is an example of "correlative thinking" which is not meant to try to represent "the very nature of things." -- jgbr
A38 Dear A35, a36, a37, you have not typed Gwyneth Paltrow and a few others correctly. Sincerly, the universe. -- Anonymous
A39 A38 Sure. -- jgbr
A40 Simon Cowell is INTj, Ne subtype. -- Anonymous
A41 A40 What you did on this website today is called impulsive aggressivity. Are you satisfied now? -- jgbr
A42 jgbr, you should just go away, go to a MBTI forum, what YOU'RE doing every single post is impulsive aggressiveness, and they were simply ANSWERING THE QUESTION THAT YOU ASKED, yet still seem to think everyone's wrong even though it's been pointed out PLENTY that YOU'RE WRONG. -- not A40
A43 A41. You are incorrect of typing many. Your posts are rather annoying and I felt the need to correct you. -- Anonymous
A44 he seems like the stereotypical INTp. and he reminds me a lot of my ex-boyfriend, who was an INTp. -- ISFj Tina
A45 Thank yo a42 and a43. JGBR, find somewhere else to post these MBTI questions. What really annoys me is that this site has now turned into some annoying celeb type guessing game instead of asking real questions. -- Anonymous
A46 Simon Phillip Cowell, (MBTI: INTP), (1.Ti, 2.Ne), (Socionics: LII), (Balzac), "The laidback critic", independent, observer, Impersonal, extremely accurate and pedantic, sustained by their own feelings, drawn to abstract and speculative thinking, has weakness in differentiation of emotional nuances, sees the people in black and white tones, very firm in the matters of high importance for them etc.

-- jgbr
A47 A46: Let's be very clear here. Based on A14 and your notation in A46, you are arguing JFK and John Travolta are also INTP/LII (1. Ti, 2. Ne). If so, you're opening Pandora's Box directly into your own face. -- INFp guy
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A48 A2, A7, A9, A14, A17, A19, A22, A46 etc. are all wrong, incorrect and inappropriate. Not only the INTP can be so critical. Sometimes the ISFJ is very critical too. Often they do not voice their own opinion and they hide their strong criticalness in order to maintain harmony and peace. It is more accurate to assume the ISFJ type (Dreiser) for Simon Cowell. -- Anonymous
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