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Question #1277286706Wednesday, 23-Jun-2010
Category: ISTp ENTp Intertype Relations Love Marriage
With the ENTP hidden agenda "to be loved" and the ISTP hidden agenda "to love" - how does this play out? Do relations with each other often keep them from ending up with their duals? Are both oblivious to the void they have inside from not being with their dual because they too busy "making it work" to notice? -- Anonymous
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A1 Its a terrible relationship half the time (Semi-Duality). Unlike other SDs this one is half okay (When they exploit you for your life's wisdom) and half unbearable (When they don't do anything, or are in the way) If the ISTp doesn't know how to comfort you, basically to provide you with their S function, then its a constant wrestle to try to make them useful. They keep spouting political bs like a brainwashed INFp because they keep getting caught up in the same task over and over. We need new exciting things, they need the same exciting thing over and over. Great if they are work mates though, if you can impress yourself ais the non-supervisor supervsor, the guy people ask for help even though he's not the supervisor, you can manipulate them into doing the work you don't want to do. According to other sources their relationships (ISTp's) are long, drawn out, filled with teen angst. Think Peter Parker in Spiderman 3 level angst. Incidentally Spiderman's bromance with Green Goblin (ENTp) was always a joy to watch. You have to watch the cartoon versions of GG to really have a grasp of his ENTpness. That's what you are to them; A villain who might be useful for some profound revelation. Also they'll always think "this video is totally funny" and that "you should go watch <Insert double digit IQ comedy movie>" Keep clear. You'll look back on it as a waste because you will not have gained anything from it, and they will have leeched off you. Unless you want to hear yourself talk and need someone who can listen, but that's why ENTps vent on online forums. Do your self a favor and hook up with an ENTj and build them an orbital space laser for their evil empire. Or an INTj and annoy them by imposing spirituality. Or an INTp and make them cringe by making obscene but obscure jokes in every sentence. Or an INFj and invent conspiracy theories involving George Bush, Microsoft and mind control pudding. None of these are good, so you can have fun tormenting them all. -- ENTp
A2 The hidden agenda is something that we can't provide for ourselves that well and so enjoy other's assistance. Although an ISTp does want "to love" he needs somebody who creates Fi atmospheres where feelings can be spoken about so the ISTp can say "I love you" without having to act through his Fe polr. An ENTp wants to "be loved" but really it should be "be loved openly" - something an ISTp can't provide. -- Anonymous
A3 If an Istp wants to improve his/her emotions toward his/her dears, then what should to do? -- mari
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A4 If an Istp wants to improve his/her emotions toward his/her dears, then what should to do? -- mari
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