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Question #1276886625Friday, 18-Jun-2010
Category: Fictional characters Celebrities Duality Success/Failure Intertype Relations
'Friends' was a show that ran for a long long time. Too long for me, but not long enough for others. But I notice in the celebrity typing there are a couple of dualities amongst the main 'Friends' cast. Could the inclusion of duality pairings as actors influence how successful a show/film will be? Could the better chemistry make the show generally much more alive and interesting? -- Bananas
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A1 Hmm I think so, even though since the show isn't even going on anymore all the cast members are still very close. Not sure on their exact types but I do think that duality has an influence on the success. -- Anonymous
A2 I think the only Dual couple are Perry (ESFp) and Cox (INTp). The glue that holds them together might be Fi. Five of the six have Fi (Perry: ESFp, Aniston and LeBlanc: ISFj, Kudrow: INFj, Cox: INTp), only Schwimmer is an INFp (with strong ESTp element. I know this site has typed him ENTp, but whatever ) He also is the only one who wanted to leave. - All of them are types that usually don't seek or cause conflicts, Fi is the tolerant function; and INFps aren't quarrelsome, either. Plus they have something undefined that connects them, something every good group of friends needs. It isn't a Socionics feature and it's good that it will probably never be discovered and described, because then life would be boring. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A3 Aniston is the INFp imo. She is Fe subtype. -- Anonymous
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A4 yes she is INFp -- Anonymous
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