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Question #1276490208Monday, 14-Jun-2010
Category: Advice Attraction Dating ENFp Love
I have a friend ENFp (girl). How can I know if she just wants to get my attention or if she wants something else from me? I know that they can go over the top to get your attention and even take physical action if necessary, but how much is too much for them? I am an ENTp. -- Anonymous
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A1 I don’t think you can assume that your ENFp friend will take physical action against you even if they are over the top. ENFp, like the other NFs, is highly emotionally charged and, in particular, a very animated type. Depending on how well you already know this person, you probably have some idea of what you can expect from them. If this ENFp really is your friend, then the friendly thing to do is to give them the benefit of the doubt. Like I said, I hadn’t looked at much of the site other than type and some relations descriptions. (Oh, and the uncovered profiles, of course—for months I had never wanted to be insulted so badly in my entire life.) I was trying to see if some of these things worked and a bit concerned that entries were posted immediately. My response to you under the bird still stands*; I am not and never planned to ask anything of you (in the way that you are suggesting; it was a convenient example considering what was posted above it). * Except the part where I thought you were a womanizer. If you set it up right, the popular site looks as though it could be trying to “mercilessly teach you” any number of things…especially at 3:30am. -- Socionics4ever
A2 Okay ammm I didn’t understand you from like I said, to the end of the paragraph, but yea what I am trying say is that. Since I knew this girl one month ago I notice that she plays in a sexual way too much but at the same time when it gets too much sexual she puts like barrier trying to stop any further action, but she continues to play sexually. And I saw in the ENFp profile that the girls from that personality do that a lot and stop when it gets too serious but I what to know if she is just playing or if she is kinda liking me ? ohh also she knows I have a girlfriend xD -- Reply @ socionics4ever
A3 Looks like you're looking for a mind-reader. Not sure you'll have much luck finding one on here, although, one never knows. So, this ENFp "plays in a sexual way too much"? How, exactly, does she do that? Is she flashing you or sth?XD If yes, then maybe she "wants something else",as you say, from you. Maybe you should also consider that what is "sexual" for you may not be "sexual" in her p.o.v. BTW, did the ENFp profile say "they play sexually" or sth? Don't remember reading that. Maybe she's just having a good time hanging out with you. Maybe you should give her,as A1 says @ some point, the benefit of the doubt. Or, you could just flat out ask her as it seems to be bothering you a bit. Maybe "bothering" is not the right word though. cheers -- felafel
A4 I've known a couple ENFPs who play around with sexual undertones and inventive seductive humor regardless of what gender they're with (or what their sexual preference is). That plus their in-your-face, emotional connectivity could make it highly confusing for prospective partners. My first guess toward discernment is to see how often this ENFP settles down around you and talks seriously about matters of deeper significance to her. IF both of you are available and pursue ongoing companionship that goes beyond having fun, and if you make it easy for her, then she is highly capable of making the move on you and will let you know if she wants more. Otherwise, she is either simply having fun, or just mentally toying with her options without any sense of commitment. Since you have the girlfriend here, it's up to you to decide if you are unhappy enough with the relationship to end it for better potential prospects - or - are not up to the "risk" of being alone. I doubt she will knowingly threaten your current commitment unless you make the clean break first and let her know how serious are about her. IMO, looking for a sure thing before trading relationships is probably unrealistic in this case. -- Anonymous
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