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Question #1273203134Friday, 7-May-2010
Category: Type me!!!
Can you guys help me figure out my type? I'm really interested in Socionics typing, but have a terrible time with self-analysis tests! Here are some of my personality traits: I'm a freakin' perfectionist, I am terribly critical (even to myself), I'm learning to be more outgoing but it's hard because I hate wasting my time socializing when I can be at home doing something important. I do however, try to get along with most people! I'm highly ambitious, walk around questions (every now and again I'll give a straight answer ) and I would like to work in the fashion industry as a designer (because I love the idea of fashion being a moveable form of art), a stylist (I am obsessed with color-cordinating things. My bedroom's a mess, but my closet is color-cordinated and well-kept), and own a vintage boutique (I love very old pre-20's era things up until the late fifties, before everything became about the trend of the week and commercialism! I also really like business!). I make LOTS of notes and am always writing in my notebook. Academically, I'm best at Science, History, Social Studies and Art. I like English Lit and Reading Comprehension, but I'm only slightly above average in those two and am terrible at some math. I seem to be best at Geometry and worse with algebra and making calculations since it has so much to do with memorization (of the formulas). I also have very strong opinions that I tend to keep to myself (sometimes I can't put in words how I feel about something). About my appearance: I'm naturally very slender (which typically does not run in my family) and petite at 5'2 (this does run in my family ). I tend to change my hairstyles a lot. I look very feminine and girly to outsiders, but I'm actually very low-maintenance and prefer nataural looking makeup and haircolors to unnatural ones. I am currently doing lots of cardio to have a stronger body. I tend to change my clothing style frequently and hate when people try to define me by a 'look'. I especially hated the term 'Girly-Girl', since I'm not particularly prissy! And I tend to smile often to keep from looking standoffish (ironically I hate smiling!). I hope this is enough. These are the main things I notice about myself. Thanks for any help you can give in typing me! -- BellaBella ♥
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A1 Well, my first impressure was ISFp (arts, colors, originality, heart in your name), further supported by blockages with formulas & tests & opinions which might suggest weak (structural logic, ISFp's Hidden Agenda, ENTp's Creative function). An F anyway... Check type descriptions @, subtype & function ([Si]) such @ -- ENFperson, guy
A2 omg! u sound like me! except my major was Graphic Design. The classic fashion is appealing to me but I tend to prefer wearing modern styles. I am also naturally slim and I'm 5'4. By the way I'm an INFp. -- Anonymous
A3 Dear BellaBella. You are an ESFJ. Your room looks like a mass, because you are unable to throw away things. This is called compulsive hoarding. See the article in wikipedia I suggest you to ask professional help. Your introduction is a very good type description for an ESFJ. Can I make a copy of it? -- jgbr
A4 IXFp, you sound pretty similar to me (INFp). I like what you like academically and am also bad at math. Physically I'm also slender and petite (I'm 2 inches shorter though) But I could easily see how you are ISFp, especially since you would like to work with fashion. Plus there were a lot of smiley's and exclamation points in your post which is Fe (pretty sure), and Fe is both INFp and ISFp's creative function. -- INFp
A5 Thank you guys! I have always felt I can relate to both an ISFp and an INFp. I took the TURBO XL test and guess what I got? Ixfp. Ha! I should also mention that my mother was just typed as a ENTj. Although we had a rough relationship when I was growing up, we get together better nowadays. She still can drive me crazy, but I tend to not express this to her because I hate how confrontational she gets! She gets hot under the collar easily! I actually have a more distant relationship with my dad, who kinda reminds me of a ESFp. He can easily converse with anyone and always seems to charm lots of people. Something both me and my mom can't do very well! BTW, we all work together, which is why I can type them a little better than most people I encounter. -- Anonymous
A6 A3, If you think I'm a ESFj, then sure you can make a copy of it. I'm not sure I have compulsive Hoarding, however. I do try to keep certain things that are useful to me, but I am trying to discard things that are not of any immediate importance. Plus, I kinda thought that was more of a ENFj trait? -- BellaBella, definitelt a feeler so far
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