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Question #1270223476Friday, 2-Apr-2010
Category: Appearance Theory Stereotype
Which type is the most vain? -- Anonymous
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A1 Any type can be excessively vain. There is no rule. There is one stereotype of ISFj being obsessed with her own beauty constantly brushing her hair. Not sure how true it is. -- Andrew
A2 ESFJ -- Anonymous
A3 I suppose that depends on your definition of vain (I understand that's a terrible non-answer, but the term needs to be qualified). I've always understood vanity as pride in one's more superficial qualities (attractiveness, social standing) versus arrogance which puts more stock in talent or intelligence. If I had to peg one type that not only put more value on such things but also felt the need to draw continuous attention to them as a means of reinforcement and valedation, I'd say ESFj. Yes, we should avoid sterotyping, but I feel as if this type exhibits these values in such a particular way that certain people would label them as vain. (To be fair, they may very well perceive us as arrogant, no matter how much we believe it to be otherwise. To quote an ESFj, "People think you're a pretentious ass, but you're funny".) -- Random INTj
A4 In so far as INTJ's being arrogant, in my experience people's popular opinions set me up to be damed if I do and damed if I don't. In other words if I'm thriving and doing well then that's unfair to other people by making them look bad but when I'm not at my best then I'm pathetic and a loser. My friends can be understanding by remaining consistent in their feelings but beyond that public opinion is impossible. -- Anonymous
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A5 From what I have observed of the types, ESFjs can easily come off as overly concerned with superficial appearances. -- Anonymous
A6 Agree with A1. As to ESFjs, actually, the vainest person I know is an ESFj, and the least vain people I know are ESFjs, too. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A7 Some ESFJs appear to me to be overwhelmingly vain. -- Anonymous
A8 esfp -- Anonymous
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