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Question #1261322039Sunday, 20-Dec-2009
Category: Celebrities INFj ENTj Typing
Topic of discussion: Russel Brand - not an INFj, as this site claims in its VI section. He displays way too much Fe to be an INFj. And if you read his autobiography, 'My Booky Wook', you'll find he really does not resemble an INFj in the way he conducts himself, and the way he thinks through situations, and makes decisions. His humour, which talks with searing honest, little to no self consciousness and an overt lack of censorship about sex and bodily fluids, is not that of someone with Si as Hidden Agenda (i.e. one who is self conscious and unsure about bodily functions). Se as Hidden Agenda does however fit in with his rather anxiously reckless, highly ambitious and driven personality (which comes through very strongly in his autobio). For that reason, I actually think he might be an ENTj-INFp. I read somewhere on this site that highly intelligent ppl resemble the types that they supervise. This typing would account for his flamboyant and exuberant demeanour, and his highly stylized, pointed manipulation of language and abstractions. also consider his unconventionally romantic hyper-imaginativeness. Morevoer, look at his bone structure - big hairy arched eyebrows, pointy nose and chin, hard 'logical' stare...consider also the fact that he is a comedian who claims and indeed appears to feel most at home performing in front of large masses of ppl (this definitely is not very INFj). Looking at his live show, he does not seem to get more tired as the performance wears on, but more and more at ease (not the reaction of an introvert). In photos he usually has a 'merry' or 'mock serious' as opposed to 'serious' air (gamma=merry, delta=serious according to reinin dichotomies). he does not have the squint-eyed, introspective gaze characterisitic of the INFj. lastly, his long term partner, Katy Perry, appears to be an ESI (based on VI). A good way to gauge type is to look at the reactions of other INFj's and ENTj's - what are your reactions to Russell Brand? Do you feel more that you can painfully identify with him, or a semi-dual attraction? And other ppl who know their type, what is your reaction to this celebrity? -- S
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A1 Why not ENTP? -- Anonymous
A2 he has to enfp. as an enfp myself i recognise alot of myself in him. -- Anonymous
A3 could be INFj-ENTp -- Anonymous
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A4 Dont think he seems like an infj , he's not That introverted or that sensitive like an infj -- Anonymous
A5 ive always thought entp and maybe swinging a bit to the enfp side cause he likes his morals and stuff - written by entp who listened to muchhh of his radio shows (theyre still available online in fact) -- thomas
A6 ESFJ? Tell me he is not extroverted, ardent, emotionally expressive, focused on sensory emotional impact in the moment ... -- Anonymous
A7 I don't think he is a typical INFj either. I haven't read his biography, but came across this from it and it sounded like something I don't associate with a sensing type. Although he's talking about physical stimulating things (drugs), it is not the language of one who would talk more about how it relates with the senses. This "All of us, I think, have a vague idea that we're missing something. Some say that thing is God; that all the longing we feel - be it for a lover, or a football team, or a drug - is merely an inappropriate substitute for the longing we're supposed to feel for God, for oneness, for truth. And what heroin does really successfully is objectify that need." points towards an understanding of Ni but not really appreciating it in terms of a valued strong function (more like unvalued strong function). More crucially - a lot of the article, is his own observations of PEOPLE from an inter-personal perspective, not their emotional states, which is the best argument I could find for him being Fi type. The rest of the stuff, although it's drugs related and it's affecting his judgement, sounds like he needs some Si to appreciate the moment and the senses that evokes. In short, he always seems to be looking for the next big thing. There is some indication of Fi and Ne, and that he seems to relate things primarily from his own subjective opinion, could indeed point to him being I more than E. Although my VI isn't great, I think his current partner looks ISTp, now that he's off drugs we can get a better picture of his love interest. Activity relation wouldn't seem that far off. -- Cyclops
A8 How about ENFj (EIE)? Many ENFj's/Beta NF's are mistyped. -- Anonymous
A9 Back to functional definitions: he's clearly an ESFp. Think about it. -- Anonymous
A10 Russel Brand, INFJ, Fretful, Fearfully scans environment for social derogation; overreacts to innocuous events and judges them to signify personal derision and mockery,

-- jgbr
A11 I'm an INFj, read his books, he sounds exactly like me, except way more out of control, hence drugs, I don't think any of you know what you're talking about. I'm waiting on one of you guys to say: "I'm a - and Russell Brand reminds me of me, therefore I think he's a -". Just looked through and so far the only guy who did this is an ENFp, which is pretty darn close to INFj. Peace out I love everyone except those I don't. -- Barack Obama
A12 He might be ISFP. -- Anonymous
A13 Sorry to be off-topic but I just wanted to say that people with strong Se (extraverted sensing) never touch the journalists during interviews, unlike Russell Brand. For us, it would be like admitting we're total losers. It'd mean we aren't able to establish a contact without touching the person, which from our point of view is reaaaalllly lame - and sort of unfair. Se works like this: we see the person, therefore there's a contact. -- ESFp
A14 He's too imaginative to have Se and his gestures are very non-physical. And he touches his interlocutor. And the bodily fluids - all this suggests strong Ne and weak Si. He's obviously very emotional. And he has moments when he just listens and moments when he bursts out. Hence, an Ep. In this interview, he's obviously stronger than the ENTj interviewer.

I'd go for A2's suggestion who said they recognized a lot of them in him. ENFp. -- ESFp
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