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Question #1259697270Tuesday, 1-Dec-2009
Category: ISFp ISTp T/F
Are there any Fs out there who fit the T profile better? I'm definitely an F but when I read the ISTP profile it feels more like me than ISFP. Is it possible to use F when dealing with people and making decisons but then be an ISTP the rest of the time? I would love to see if other people are having the same peoblem as me with typing themselves. -- Cobfused ISFP/ISTP
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A1 I also sometimes feel so. From MBTI descriptions I fit better the ISFJ profile and test most of the times so (Keirsey's temperament guardian). Socionics ISFj type is also the one which I fit the best. However the way I organize things fit better a "T" type and then in both systems ISTP/ISTp. My intertype relation also fit a little better ISTp than ISFj although both could be right. I also hesitate between quadras gamma and delta. I have to say that my enneagram type is 5, a typical "head" or thinking type. So maybe you also belong to either an enneagram "head" type and a "feeling" Jung's type or an enneagram "heart" type and a "thinking" Jung's type. Maybe the other dichotomies may help you finding your type -- piccolo_michel
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A2 Thanks piccolo_michel, the info on the site was very helpful. I think I'm definetely a T. I have to say that most descriptions of T/F on the web are not the correct meanings. Ts are made to be cold and heartless, while Fs are overly emotional. Either one doesnt sound like me, but the description by Rick Delong on this site really cleared it up. -- Anonymous
A3 Does this description of SLI fit with you? Is it the one you thought of? -- piccolo_michel
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