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Question #1258672018Thursday, 19-Nov-2009
Category: T/F Family
Is it at all possible for a child raised in an entirely feeling family to have a thinking preference? I've been wondering this for a while, and to me it does not seem possible. What do you think? -- ENFp
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A1 Well to me, it does seem possible. I think type is genetically inherited, not determined by the external conditions you grow in. I don't know genetics that much, but I imagine you can inherit your type for example from your great-great-grandfather, who needn't, but might have been of totally different type than the rest of the family. After all, genes do weird things to us. My grandma and grandpa are both Alpha quadra js (ESFj and INTj), they have four children and all of them are p, and three of them are Deltas and one is Beta. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A2 Yes, it's possible. My dad's an ISFj, my mom's an INFj, I'm an ISFj and my little brother's an ISFp, but my older brother's an ISTp. DUN DUN. He's always been more of a pushing-the-limits type, and the rest of us are more of a follow-the-rules-type. But it wasn't really a big deal, I mean like I never really thought about it before. The five of us all have our own personality and I guess he thinks differently then us in that respect, but he's not any less of a thinker because he grew up with a bunch of feelers. -- ISFj Courtney
A3 Why not? Genes skip generations, if it is genes this is about from the beginning, something I personally want more evidence on. But let say it is, I have seen many times different qualities beeing transferred past a generation link, and who knows how these qualities might "jump" around otherwise. Personality\mental traits are no exception if the premises are met. But the child you are conveying sure would be colored, sreamlined of some kind, by the surroundings, and having a struggle coming out of the "closet", unless inherently strong and selfassured, all to my conviction, but yes again, I do firmly believe it can happen. Even if it turns out that genes doesnt matter. That would just expand my belief in the possibilities. -- ENTp
A4 The research is still being done, here's an article on it and a forewarning: "Ultimately, it is the environment that determines how these genes will express themselves." The dispositions are there at birth, but the environment can affect them. (That might not be exactly what he's saying, you'll have to read the article),9171,988229-1,00.html -- Anonymous
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