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Question #1255454340Tuesday, 13-Oct-2009
Category: ESFj INTj Duality Theory Subtypes
Although many ESFJ's I know wear colorful bright clothing to express themselves, I noticed when they have an "indentity crisis", they will wear alot of black. I even had one ESFJ who is starting to pull a Micheal Jackson by wearing hats and sunglasses to hide her lack of self she felt from other people seeing(the only thing missing was the face mask.) I believe this occurs mostly in Feeling types, rather than sensing types because sensing is more "balanced" or focused on their and functions. With this reasoning, sensing type should be less needy, as is the intuitive type is less needy of an ESFJ to take take of his or her health ( ). Am I wrong in my analysis? And has anyone else experienced this phenomina? -- Age of Reason (LII) intuitive
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A1 I haven't seen it, and I've been type watching for ten years. Also, ESFJ men aren't inclined to color. Depends on what they consider to be socially "normal." -- Anonymous
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A2 I have observed that only in one person and I've been watching types for almost 10 years also. She was wearing sunglusses and hats, covering herself, but it doesnt have anything with identity problem, it was just due to stressfull events, which made her to behave more like . -- :-)
A3 I wore a lot of black in middle school because I was a dork and thought it looked cool. Nothing to do with identity, though. -- ESFj lady
A4 As an update, I found out she has borderline personality disorder. So that could do with why this ESE dressed like this. Definitely a feeling subtype. The point I was trying to get across was I thought subtypes that focused more on their second and fourth functions were more stable in personality than subtypes giving more attention to their 1st and 3rd functions. -- Age of Reason
A5 I have a definite ESE-Fe friend...he goes through wearing really flamboyant, colorful, silly outfits at his best, but occasionally goes through (albeit a very short-lived) 'dark phase'. During this phase, where he resembles more of a moody INFP type or something, he tends to wear all black, darkened clothes, sunglasses, covers himself, listens to dark music...etc. But this lasts at most a week before he's back to his old self again. -- ISTJ
A6 My mum's an ESFJ and she doesn't like wearing black or any of her family wearing black because "it seems such a dead colour and the same with white". She seems to instictively know what shades and colours that suit her and has never, as far as I know, been through a black stage. She's even said that she doesn't want anybody to dress in black at her funeral. My mum has tried wild colours (purple dresses) in her younger and more fashionable days but now has settled on dark blues, reds especially mauve and green. -- ESTJ Female
A7 I had a roommate who was ESFJ. Every night she would decide what to wear the next day and there were some nights when she would decidedly say, "Tomorrow I'm wearing black." She would give no explanation, but she would sound almost bitter when saying this, as if wearing black were a reflection of her mood. I didn't usually take notice (because I found her life's problems to be absolutely boring), but I remember her usually going through some sort of internal dilemma whenever she decided to wear black. -- AT
A8 I am an ESFJ Female and I am also bi-polar. I do tend to change clothing colors like a chameleon to reflect my mood. At my job i wear sensible clothing "as is expected at a the school where I work" but if you look closely you will still find signs of colorful flourish. Mostly from bright,silly, un-mated socks. I also wear scarves and shawls to show how I'm feeling. If my socks are bland and matching and most of my clothing is black or grey stay back. -- ESFJ with BPD
A9 The Enthusiast in Black.

-- jgbr
A10 The Enthusiast in Black.

-- jgbr
A11 The Enthusiast in Black.

Job interview of the´╗┐ near future: biometrics, lie detection, and VI. -- jgbr
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