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Question #1254914480Wednesday, 7-Oct-2009
Category: Celebrities Typing
What type is Halle Berry? -- Anonymous
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A1 She's one hot ESFp. It's easy to see on her face when she's happy. And her smile is definetely. She looks very influeced by INTp, but explanation of that is beyond the scope of this post, he he he. Sorry I have to admit this one was hard and I have to change my mind to ESFj. I looked into the body, he he he, this is ESFj body. But her face has also ESFp traits. And that would explain why I wzs thinking that it was influenced by INTp. She has traits of one also -- :-)
A2 A1, the face of an ESFp and the body of an ESFj? lmao. Now try and type Frankenstein -- Cy
A3 A1, how about a *happy* & successful INFJ? That would account for the illusionary resemblance with ESFJ, as well as *hints* of her Supervisor ESFP. (As a person appears a bit like both supervisor and supervisee). Plus, INxx's often get mixed in a jumble in typing, hence, "the possibility of INTP" you see. -- Anonymous
A4 A3: This really makes sense I think you are right. It's so hard to guess a celeb when she has so many people working on her image. -- :-)
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A5 A1: By the way it was a good lesson. I have noticed before that she looks like ESFp and ISFp but I would not think that she's INFj. I noticed pattern you mentioned that person can appear both as supervisor and supervisee, I remember that every time I'll be guessing types. It's so fun -- :-)
A6 Halle Berry, ESFJ, (1.Fe, 2.Si), "The caring enthusiast", perfectionism and inflexibility, traditional, strong moral principles, nurturing, detail oriented, strong adherence to social conventions and proprieties etc. -- jgbr
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