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Question #1252850296Sunday, 13-Sep-2009
Category: Subtypes Theory
What are the different subtypes and how do they apply to socionics? I have only recently discovered socionics and find it very interesting. I do not question that (in general) the 16 main types are very applicable to personality assessment. But I can't figure out 100% which one I am. I know I am an INT without a doubt, but I seem to be equally p and j. And I have also been able to determine that my dad is either an ESTj or an ENFp as he seems to PERFECTLY fit both descriptions based on my own observations of him. Because of this I have to REFUSE that subtypes DON'T exist. Could this be related to the Id and Superego? I do believe that people must be born with just 1 of the base types (this would be their Id), however, I think that, because of the existence of Superego (and outside forces related to our relationships with others or religions), they may be able to develop a second personality type. This could also explain why mental disorders occur depending on the intertype relations of the two types that a person develops. If both types are equally strong and conflicting, the Ego (or person possessing the two types) would have a very hard time deciding which to follow causing them to lose control of themselves. In summary, how do subtypes fit into the theories of socionics? Do my beliefs fit in and/or make sense? Personally, I think they do. :] -- Dragifon (INTjp)
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A1 Well, subtypes don't exist. They're just a way of talking about non-socionic-related traits and attributes WITHIN the context of socionics, which is obviously a flawed approach. To recongnize the limitations of socionics then, the question we need to focus on is this: how do we determine whether a personality trait is type-related? General conclusions I've reached: 1.) It must have an evolutionary advantage. 2.) It must provide psychological complementarity. -- Anonymous
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A2 I see why we believe differently. I am a Christian and don't believe in evolution. Natural selection is obviously true, but not to the extent of completely transforming into something else. Therefore I believe that, with the existence of God, ANYTHING is truly possible, and the things that are "impossible" are just HIGHLY!!!! unlikely to occur -- Dragifon (INTJ!!!!!!!!!!) XD
A3 I tend, until further established otherwise, to agree with you Dragifon. I've seen several types, act with different motivation, "core" personality, within the same type frame. However, when they act upon decisions, yield to life, or act out their preferences, as an example, they use pretty much exact same tooling in the process. To me, it appears as something, (sublevel "behaviour" or whatever I'll call it) dictate your mental core, or are the mental core, and type theory "determine" within some limitations, the guidelines for acting out from that platform. So now you have two points of wiew. You'll probably get more. The problem is caughing up the real truth. When or if that may come through, interesting presedence will ensue. -- ENTp
A4 From what I understood so far about socionics is much easier to be an INTj or ENTp for example than to swing between INTj and INTp. In the first case it will be a matter of which of your 2 ego functions is dominant. In the second case it means your not sure wich pair of functions is ego and which is superego. My advice: forget the description of the type and go to the functions themselves. Good luck. -- Vlad - INTj
A5 Thanks for all of your input guys. Keep it coming! -- Dragifon (INTJ!!!!!!!!!!) XD
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