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Question #1250173336Thursday, 13-Aug-2009
Category: Typing

this is a video made by " Lady Monday" whom I've been watching a "little bit". Well, what type would you say that he is? He describes himself as a 'tranny' with a huge glimpse in the eye. He is extremely intelligent... not up to discussion! I can usually tell what people is...but this guy puzzles me. I bet he likes that. He doesn't want people to categorize that makes him a P. Intuitive deffinately. A feeler, right? I mean he's a designer, extremely creative..( an enfp, like myself..?).. I just really like him. Think he is a gift from God. He does seem confused sometimes. But not a reason to love him lesser. What do ya'll say? -- Marrrianne
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A1 ESTp? ENFj? -- Anonymous
A2 Creative, feeler, vivid mimics... reminds me of my ENFp cousin, yeah, I'd agree he's an ENFp -- Ezis (ESFp)
A3 What an anti-happy person. Theres no way in hell that person is ENFp. ENFps are way more pro-social than that. -- Anonymous
A4 ISTJ -- Anonymous
A5 Its a chick with a ****, so I'd have to say ISTp.. your dual!! Better catch this one before he gets away. -- shaking my head
A6 A3: Yeah, ENFps usually are pro-happy and pro-social. Of course that one cannot type someone by watching one video, but my guess was ENFp because when ENFPs live in hard conditions, like aggressive people around, too Fe-Ti environment, or when they try hard to develop their Fi and understand themselves and the world more and they arent exactly successful, they may become very different. They may hide in the depths of their Fi and try to activate their T and S that would make them more rational and less sensitive. This strategy is also usual with ENFp men when their surroundings give them hints they are not "manly" enough, in a word, that they are too NF. Then they send very mixed signals, something like being an unusually sensitive and unusually goofy IST. My ENFp cousin looked something like this when she was trying desperately to find something positive in the terrible events that were going on in her family, and was dating a Satanist, hoping to cheer him up, but actually becoming a caricature of an IST herself. Now she is happily married to an ISTp Christian and back in her cheerful, pro-social ENFp self. To the original poster: Purely from the Socionics and VI point of view, this guy reminds me of the singer Jussi of the Finnish band Uniklubi. -- Ezis (ESFp)
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A7 thanx that was really helpful. It's not like I have a massive crush on him, I'm just fascinated by him and his crazyness yet wannabe logicness... thanx for the story, A6. yes. it can indeed be tuff growing up as an enfp in a very claustrofobic logic environment. A6, maybe the same thing happened to Monday you would think?? -- Marrrianne
A8 A7: It's probable, but I don't want to push forward theories that I'm not 100% sure of, I don't know him that well. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A9 Same type as Pink. Thinker. -- Anonymous
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