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Question #1249649785Friday, 7-Aug-2009
Category: Socionics Brain Theory
Does socionics relate to right brain/left brain theory? I was reading recently that the two hemispheres of our brain are very different, that the left brain is more about the individual and details and thinking, and the right brain is more about being apart of the group and experiencing everything. So...I was thinking that the letters I S T & J seemed to be more left brained, and the letters E N F & P have more of a right brain feel to them. Is that why ENFps are considered to be a little crazy, because they're all right brained? -- Anonymous
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A1 I'm an INFp, an the left side of my brain practicaly doesn't exist, lol. (Following simple instructions is very difficult for me). Yeah, people consider my views a bit strange and unconventional, but that doesn't mean they're not true. I can always explain them to a point were people stop disagreeing with me, but still never admit I'm right either... It's slighlty annoying, but at least I'm definately not wrong. -- Simon the INFp
A2 I am a very strong ENFP, and in my Psychology course, we took a test that told us which side of our brain we used more, and I used each equally. So, I'm not sure. -- Anonymous
A3 It can be agreed upon that this is a very difficult question, asked many times in many ways. This is so partly because no one here is fully educated on the functions of both hemispheres in my opinion. A1, I don't mean to be too matter of fact, but the left hemisphere is currently said to CHIEFLY be the place where the ability to recognize yourself and have an awarness of that comes from, and its also what gives you an awarness of the future and possibilities, capable of abstraction. The right hemisphere I think is an animal level consciousness, always in the present and aware of many things at once, completely literal. I'm not sure how this relates to sensing and intuition, because traditionally, the reverse seems to be thought, that sensors are more left brained; sensing and intuition; I'm going to make a leap...I thought sensing might occur in the "limbic" right brain, whereas intuition might occur in the "cerebral" right brain. Screw it, I have quite a bit of information, but everything would remain open ended, then again, it could help to refine my information a bit, into questions. -- Grant
A4 I'm an INTj and I'm pretty balanced in terms of brain dominance. -- W-L
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A5 I'm an ENFJ female and i'm right-brain-dominant. My ESTJ and ISTJ friends are left brained. My INFP father and ISFJ mother are right brained and balanced brained idivids. So based on all this i agree that in general ( there have to be exceptions) E N F P functions and I S T J are more characteristic to the right and the left sides of the brain. The more logical and introverted a person the more left brained they are. Personally i'd love to see more balanced brained people in my life. -- Anonymous
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