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Question #1249219684Sunday, 2-Aug-2009
Category: ISFj INFj Functions
How does Te in 8th position (blindspot) manifest in INFj's and ISFj's? -- S
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A1 My guess, based on knowing one INFj well is would be that they will lack control over or facility of their will-power. Not that they do not have will-power, but they are aware of their lack of mastery of it. They will probably also not like people of great will-power or even tend to make fun of them (as defense technique)... I am talking as one who knows an INFj very closely. -- Anonymous
A2 Te is the 5th position in I*Fj's, it's the Dual Seeking Function. Te is not about willpower, that's Se. Te in I*Fj's is on the wiki: "The individual is attracted to people seen as knowledgeable, as well as truthful and willing to share that knowledge, in matters seen as interesting and useful to him towards achieving productivity and efficiency. Reliable information rather than the finished analysis is what attracts the individual; facts and demonstrative explanations, not answers limited to the conclusions. For the same reason, he avoids people who are inclined to give out unreliable or simply untruthful information. He prefers directions/guidelines or defined criteria in order to determine whether he was productive and efficient. He may have difficulty determining how useful his actions were, or how productive the time spent was without clear goals or benchmarks against which to measure them." -- Anonymous
A3 Oops, sorry, I meant 5th position (in Super Id Block) -- S
A4 It manifests as an interest in people who can fill in the blanks concerning things that make them ooh and ah; in shooting themselves in the foot as often as not in rhetorical disputes; and in getting testy when the causes of their present problems are pinned on their previous behavior. -- INTp
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