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Question #1248447031Friday, 24-Jul-2009
Category: Genes Theory
Do genes play a role in someone's type? Why is it that some people of the same type look similar? -- Anonymous
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A1 Of course genes play a huge role. Just sometimes a child is a completely different type than the parents because it takes after some great-granddad. I am not sure this is the only reason, but my theory is that the looks are the result of genes and type. People of one type share using the same part of their body more than the others. Like we ESFps smile a lot so we develop strong muscles in the lower part of the face. ESps generally often develop a bigger belly because due to their constant need of contact with the surroundings they need to be drinking or eating some crisps almost all the time, but as they also like to move, they are usually not actually fat. Js walk is steadier because they first think and only then move. And so on. That is also why it is easier to VI someone in their later years rather than a child. But there is something I dont understand, like why INFjs have these thin, aristocratic features or why INTps have classical features and are almost never fat. If somebody explained that I would be glad. -- Ezis (ESFp)
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A2 I think u are on to something, observing my extended fammilies, i have taken note of VI beeing more apparent among them if they share types.....and the ones of opposing types share little resemblence but,....this is just novice observation........ -- LII
A3 'eating some crisps almost all the time' LOL. Official food of choice of the ESp. Well I'm not sure about INFj's and INTp's, but they tend to not eat much, and pay attention to maintaining their figure and health, so that probably has something to do with their thinness. As for types having certain qualities such as aristocracy and classicism in their features, that could be to do with the roles that ppl of these types have tended to take throughout history...maybe. -- S
A4 Yes, my immediate family and I all have similar types, and as far as I can tell, people usually are pretty close to their family's types. I'm not totally sure how it relates to genetics, like if introvertism is a recessive gene or if logic is a dominant gene. -- Anonymous
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