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Question #1248303436Wednesday, 22-Jul-2009
Category: Mental Disorders Theory
What type is most likely to have Borderline Personality Disorder? -- scarletdragon
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A1 I know an INFP (female) that has BPD. -- Anonymous
A2 I seem to have it -- Simon the INFp
A3 ESFj's and ISFp's are the least rational and most demanding in their expectations of others. They adoringly love to put others on a pedestal, only to quickly knock them off over the pettiest things. Later, they might put them up again, especially if they need something. -- Anonymous
A4 I think INFp -- Anonymous
A5 A socionics researcher said ESFP for Borderline (used to be on old website). INFPs can get Histrionic, ISFPs can get Cyclothymic. ISFJs - Dependent, ENFPs - Paranoid. -- Anonymous
A6 A5: I think any person can have any personality disorder... or at least most. Beat a child constantly for their whole life, and I'd be suprised if they weren't paranoid and anti-social. Same with being dependent, I think. If everyone did everything for someone for their entire life, surely they would be dependent, along with everyone else with the same circumstances? -- Simon the INFp
A7 My former girlfriend had been diagnosed BPD by her former spouse (a psychologist). Eventually, my self-study of the topic led me to agree. She is ESFJ. I rushed into that relationship, and early on, I rationalized her symtomatic behaviors. Life was great for nearly six months, and awful for most of the next three years. I went to two counselors with her, but I don't think they were qualified to deal with it. There's some very specialized help out there, but no quick fixes. I think some types would be more susceptible than others, depending on how they might react to nasty abuses that are one of several common threads in those with BPD. I read that it affects 10-14 percent of the population and two-to-three times as many females as males. That's a lot of pain. To those involved with BPD in any capacity, I wish you the best. -- NTG - ENTP
A8 i think p types that have weak T (relative to their other functions) would be more susceptible to borderline pd than those who are high on those functions. ppl with borderline have problems with consistency in mood and in thought (the way they think, and the things they think), which leads me to the conclusion that they lack T for resolving seemingly conflicting thoughts/feelings, leading to disorganized speech and behaviour. this exists on top of having an impulsivity that contributes to their inability to stabilize their thoughts and feelings (think or feel the same thing for an extended period of time). but BPD can exist in non Fp types, as A7 has conveyed. i have a tendency to BPD and type as INFp most of the time. tho have also typed as ENFp, INTp, and INTj. -- S
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A9 hmmm interesting question for sure. I was romantically involved with an ESFJ and implusivity, instability and intensity branded our romance. I'm not jumping to conclusions by diagnosis since I'm not a pyschologist but ESFJ is one type that comes to mind. -- Anonymous
A10 ESFp's are most succumbed to Borderline personality disorder. It's due to their mercurial temperment (described as quick and changing temperment; Emotionally volatile). Sure, lots of types can deal with this disorder, but it is attached to the ESFp type specifically. -- Jas, ESFp girl
A11 I believe ESFx types are most prone to it. I was very close friends with an ESFJ who I believe had it. -- Anonymous
A12 XSFjs,as i have imprest... -- Anonymous
A13 I am thinking that Borderline is more promient in Personality Types that waffle in the middle. I see that from typing people I would consider Borderline, or borderline Borderline. They test almost 50/50 in T and F and most of time close to 50/50 on P and J and I and E. All my tests showed N over P, but not sure on that significants. But this makes explaination makes sense to me. You would think that the "middle" is perfection, but it is just confusion. -- Anonymous
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