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Question #1247440997Sunday, 12-Jul-2009
Category: INFj
Hi i just want to know something that I feel is a little too exaggerated. I want to know why INFJs are treated like the most important personality type or treated like the most intersting one to discuss? If it is for possibly being the rarest personality type? I'm an INFJ too and I liked my descriptions and the focus on it, but I feel it is a little too exaggerated, like I said before. C'mon there are 15 more personality types, they all have a lot to offer -- Anonymous
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A1 Where is it treated as being such? -- Anonymous
A2 Since when are INFJs treated like this? I've been reading on type for over a decade now and have yet to see this view commonly expressed. Get over yourself. -- Anonymous
A3 Because you are 1. meaningfull to ENTp's 2. ENTp's are the majority discussing socionics 3. you are the rarest type which is attractive to ENTp 4. obsession is the result ))) -- ENTp
A4 Do you mean INFJ (Myers Briggs) or INFj (Socionics)? They're not quite the same. Both INFJ and INFj are supposedly the rarest types, but ppl can score differently in the two systems (i.e. INFJ/INFj or INFJ/INFp) or INFP/INFj). I'm guessing you're an INFp socionis, since your speech pattern is characteristically informal, and furthermore, INFj's tend not to care about how much attention they garner, whereas INFp's do. Plus, if you were an INFj you'd probably be able to intuit the answer to your question -- S
A5 She's not an INFj. She's some INFp posing as one. -- Anonymous
A6 I'm susceptible to feeling excited and zinged with INFj. -- ENTp
A7 And yeah people may seem out sense that a question about myers-briggs'INFj is asked on a socionics website, but i want to know from many sources. thanks for the answers, even the nasty ones -- Anonymous
A8 oh sorry, I needed to specify more. It's the myers briggs INFJ which i'm taling about. From :the one who asked the question -- Anonymous
A9 You are right. INFjs are overrated... all types have a lot to offer. -- Anonymous
A10 Haha, quite personally I find it amusing how INFJ's become rather arrogant after they discover that they have joined the ranks of "1%" of the population which I find odd because it seems rather unnatural how many INFJ's I've come across lately. Have they been mistyping themselves or is it because of they are trying to show off to the rest of the world how complex their personalities are? I don't deny that I had the urge to show off that rarity but when you look at it, there's no point. Everyone's personality differs. Even INFJ's differ from one another. Perhaps I am more cynical and negative than the typical INFJ due to the different environmental stimulus I receive. Perhaps I sometimes show a thinking preference from tiem to time (I'm a wannabe thinker...>.>) but all that matters is that you don't rely solely on these results because it stunts your growth as a person. I made the mistake of obsessing over my results and consequently began to act according to what I saw, not what I was meant to be. -- INFJ
A11 I'm fairly certain that Carl Jung was an INFJ. Plus, it seems that an INFJ would be most interested in this type of thing.. at least an INFJ who studies psychology, most especially personality psychology. - INFJ -- Anonymous
A12 I noticed a lot of Meyers-Brigg INFJ and Socionics INFj talk about INFP/INFp as being similar to themselves but much more flawed. A4 & A5 are good examples of this. If you want to figure out whether or not you're an INFj just reflect on your feelings about INFp. If you feel a profound sense of superiority then, yes, you are an INFj. Haha! -- INFp
A13 Hahaha, who says that INFj gets the most attention and is the top shelf personality type. (Whispers) Well, whoever it is, they're wrong. It's ENFp. Well, I guess I might be a bit skewed in my opinion, being an ENFp myself, but my point was that it's not that the personality type is special, it's that it belongs to you, which makes it special. -- ENFp
A14 INFJ is a rare type, yes, but I don't think it gets too much attention. If you look around, it tells you about ALL the personality types pretty much on any site that has them. You might find more discussion topics on INFJ's because the type is so rare and a lot of people want to know why this is and what makes it so different. I am an INFJ and have learned from this experience. It is only because we want to learn what makes us stand out, I guess. Just an idea. -- Anonymous
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A15 Some people think that socionics INFjS are the ultimate angels (which i dont argue) .thats why,I guees.. i can say only that they are very unusual people, very moral and moralistic... i dont belive that one type is supreme over others. -- INFp
A16 The only reason INFJs are treated as special is because they keep telling us that they are, in their own preachy ways -- Anonymous
A17 You might find a lot of saints that used to be INFjs when they were alive. -- ESTJ Females
A18 A17: that was gold! We just studied the Myers-Briggs in our Philosophy class in relation to psychological archetypes and their presence in Mythology; as a consequence of the subject matter all the members of the class took the test. For the most part, all the students- and the teacher- who scored ENTP or INTJ seemed wrapped with the result. I was the only one who registered as and INFJ and, oddly, no even asked. Of course I didn't bother to push it on them . Still, I think, to be honest most people are concerned with their own type first, and rightly so!! Thanks -- Anonymous
A19 I think it has to do with it's rarity and the fact that infj has been undervalued alot in (@ least north american) culture.. until very recently.. -- Tricia (entp)
A20 As an INFJ I tend to think we are the category most interested in things like self-improvement and personality tests. We also express ourselves best through writing. These elements, coupled with our strong introversion, draws us to computers and might explain why you see a disproportionate amount of information about (and activity from) INFJs in relation to our actual numbers. In regards to viewing ourselves as "most important," while I openly admit I was initially pleased to be a member of the rarest type, I certainly don't feel I'm better or more important than anyone. In fact, quite the contrary; as someone who has suffered from depression for years, I actually envy several other personality molds and genuinely believe everyone has something good to contribute to humanity. Love and good vibes to all. -- Anonymous
A21 MBTI told me That I percieve with Ni and judge with Fe, this turned out to be correct all along; the Ti and Se following were not. So then I found this site and read ALL of the basics and it all made sense. It's like it was written by a true Mastermind. INFp I am, and also one prone to depression. -- A young Romantic.
A22 When counting the numbers, about the 1% thingie. It`s not that big of a deal. There are 16 personality types which means the "others" are 6,6% each. Thats with the notion of all the other personality types divides evenly, which i highly doubt. The conclusion is that there is most likely some 2% group and so on. -- Anonymous
A23 Someone please wanna explain why an INFJ (MB) generally tests as INFp (soc) and why their explanations of those 2 personality types is totally different? Seems to me either MBTI or socionics is failing in their understanding of these 2 personalities!! -- INFJ/p
A24 The p and the j on this site are COMPLETELY different than the P and J in Meyers Briggs. I don't even know why they are using the same 2 letters -- Anonymous
A25 Both system are almost totally different,definition of functions are different, definition of information elements are different, meanings of the uses of information elements elements are different. MBTI uses 4 capital letter for each type. Socionics originally used 2 letters only. For instance RI means FiNe, TE means NiFe. Later Socionics used 3 letters EII means FiNe, IEI means NiFe. Now, as both systems became widespread a variant of MBTI denomination is used which instead of 4 capital letters use 3 capital letters and 1 small letter. MBTI J means first extraverted function (dominant or auxiliary)is a judging one. Socionics j means first function (leading, dominant) is a judging one (either extraverted or introverted) -- piccolo_michel
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