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Question #1246623708Friday, 3-Jul-2009
Category: Typing Celebrities
What types are Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson? -- Anonymous
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A1 Radcliffe i've heard is ESFp. Watson appears to be INFj. Don't know bout Grint. -- S
A2 Emma Watson: ESFj. -- Anonymous
A3 I think Watson is an ENTj, I am not sure about Grint, probably an INFj, but I am sure Radcliffe is an ESFp. Unfortunately so, because he is one of the most unpleasant and immoral ESFps I know. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A4 Theyre all ISTp's -- Anonymous
A5 To me Radcliffe seems like either an ENTP or ENFP. Grint is possibly an ISTP or ISFP whilst Watson seems to be an ESFP. I hear however that she did well in her exams. I am an ESFP who struggled in formal education which is apparently more characteristic of the type! -- Anonymous
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A6 Theyre all ISTj's -- Anonymous
A7 I'm pretty sure Watson is an ENTj and Radcliffe is an ENFp, I'm not too sure of Grint, most likely irrational and ethical -- An INFj
A8 A1 here. Actually I think Watson is ESFj (second A2). She doesn't seem socially avoidant at all (INFj), but very approachable. She reminds me slightly of my mother (I-ESFj) - tasteful dresser, good at social moderation, diligent student, said on Letterman she'd pick a good marriage over fame and fortune 'b/c what's fame if you don't have someone to love' (sounds very leading Fe), also is very good at art. Plus she VI's as ESFj. -- S
A9 I believe Watson is ISFj. -- Liesl
A10 Daniel Radcliffe - ISFJ, Committed, considerate, deferential, follower, socializers, team player, Deeply compassionate, Sensitive, Faithful etc. Rupert Grint - INTP, independent, observer, self-directed, Quiet, Reflective, Analytical, Logical etc. Emma Watson - ENFJ, Considerate, generous, helpful, Tactfully persuasive, Leader, Charismatic, Influential, Popular -- jgbr
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