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Question #1246521810Thursday, 2-Jul-2009
Category: Typing Family
Type my father? Yes, I know this is a weird request, but he is the only person in my immediate family who hasn't taken a personality test, and I'd really like to know his type. So far, just for the heck of it, my mother is an ENFJ, my older sister is an ENFJ, and my younger brother is an ESTJ. I am an ENFP, with introverted tendencies. Now, for my father. So far I have concluded two things. He is very reserved, doesn't like to go out in public too often, and has a few close friends. Introversion? This is what I'm guessing. Next is one of the most observable things about him. He is ALWAYS running late. He is also quite disorganized, which leads me to believe he is a Perciever. Alright, that's IxxP. But, I need help with the middle two. I am completely stumped. Which matters more to me is T/F. I really cannot decide. He is sensitive at times, I remember him crying once when he and my mother were fighting, but otherwise he is the opposite. He can be quite harsh with his words and purposely hurt someone's feelings with seemingly no remose. Thinker? (Sorry if that offends someone!) I'm not sure. He has said a few hurtful things to me in the past, but has apologized after because he feels bad, which would make him a Feeler? He also tends to be quite incompassionate. For example, we were driving down the highway and in the ditch was a cross. My mother commented on how sad that was, and my father replied 'They were probably speeding'. Now for N/S. I REALLY don't know about this one. He seems to be more of an intuitor (is that a word?) to me. He does a lot of yard work and does it in short bursts, and comments about how it will look in the furture. However, he is very practical and realistic, or so it seems. This may be irrelevant, but once I was trying to design a hammock, and he helped me design one which looked like a spider web. Creativity? I'm pretty stumped. I'm not sure what more to write. He is reserved to the point that I really don't know enough to write in detail. Maybe this could be a sign too? To reiderate, I am an ENFP, and our relationship is rather distant. He commonly upsets me whenever we speak, and we are usually arguing. He is very loving, but is also very close minded and stuck on old conventional ways. Help please? I have no clue. -- ENFP
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A1 Excuse me I wrote LEI instead of LII! -- piccolo_michel
A2 ISTj, INTj? Are you able to find the quadra he belongs to? maybe it will help. Or look at Filatova's descriptions , particularly LSI and LEI -- piccolo_michel
A3 I'd say INTp maybe. -- Anonymous
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A4 Sounds like INTp. Sounds a lot like my dad actually. It fits pretty much everything that you've described - extremely private, reserved (I), lack of organization, perpetually running late (p), verbally harsh in an unapologetic and consistent way, but will apologize if he thinks he's crossed a line (T over F), close minded, realistic, practical (suggests Te), works in short energetic bursts (I__p). Spiderweb shaped hammock sounds like the sort of overly complicated design an INTp would come up with. If he were ISTp, you guys would prob get along more easily. -- S
A5 I second A4, he sounds like an INTp -- An INFj
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