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Question #1245358009Thursday, 18-Jun-2009
Category: ISTj
Could someone please provide an in-depth description of how ISTj's think? -- Anonymous
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A1 Well according to my experience, an istj usually tries to think of the right thing. For instance, what is considered normal and logically common is often the norm of their mind. For instance, I see a question that maybe I can answer; so I answer it because I think it is the right thing to do. istj like to follow conventions very much. They are not comfortable in jumping into a pool unless they know that the water is clean and that there is no danger associated with the action. The same concept can be applied to many things in life. They are often the upholder of rigid traditions. They carry it out, because it is the sensible things to do. They have a stong drive of responsibility, and thus makes very dependable folks who are acheivers as a result. Please excuse my poor grammars as I'm actually not a "pure" istj and therefore does not follow grammars by lines. I hope I have helped you to uncover the sober, tedius mind of an istj. -- Anonymous
A2 Totally straight-forward. -- Anonymous
A3 bestfriend is an ISTJ (female)...the conversation is always very scattered-very detailed...usually jumping from topic to topic, but the current topic always relates ever so slightly to the previous topic (associative thinking) Like this..."Hey, yesterday we went to Logan's and ate fish." Pause "Did I ever tell you about the time when I was little and I caught fish out of a bright yellow bucket when my daddy was building our house??...Oh I did?, Well anyways...They were small fish...and mom was like, 'Honey, what are you doing?' but I just looked at her and insisted she let me keep fishing out of my bucket and then..." <<- It can go on like this for HOURS. But, on a more seroius note, when ISTJs think/know they are right, they generally clam up and refuse to argue because that would be fruitless...since they know they're already the one that's right. They can be very stubborn (can't we all?) but very amusing I just know that I coudn't do without my ISTJ friend...we also have hour long conversations about aspects of Christian faith (we're both Christians). This deeper side of her would surprise some people, but I've grown to expect and appreciate it. Don't know if this helped ...sorry! -- Kat
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A4 I am an ISTJ female and I'm the same way as mentioned above with the associative thinking! But arguments are really where my personality is apparent. When I feel like I am ambushed or there's no way I can get out, I stop talking and I physically look for a way out of the room. I understand it may seem counterproductive but that is the safest and least confrontational way I can protect myself. -- Anonymous
A5 As a female ISTJ myself, I agree with all the above and I’d like to add something that might help you with understanding how ISTJs are ‘emotionless’. Sometimes my thinking becomes so analytical (or whatever it should be called) that I find myself looking at a situation as if I were standing next to myself. A while ago, I was at a funeral. The priest was talking and everyone was really sad, many were crying. I didn't feel anything (even though I had known the deceased well). Instead, I was thinking about how I wasn't sad but should be, like all the others. And then I started thinking about the absurdity of the whole situation, somebody dead, everybody crying and me just sitting there, thinking about how I'm not emotional enough. This kind of detachment happens quite a lot to me, instead of living in and feeling a situation I find myself observing and thinking about it. -- Anonymous
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