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Question #1244135576Thursday, 4-Jun-2009
Category: Functions
So I scored as Ni Fe Ti Se... and I was wondering about the differences between Ni/Ne and Fi/Fe. What does this mean? Can someone please enlighten me? -- infp
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A1 there are a few definitions of the functions at the wiki here To sum it up: Fe is the ability to convey emotions and have an impact on ones emotional environment, whether it be by using good or bad emotions to convey a message, like being openly friendly or moody. Fi is the ability to understand the quality of relations between people as well as knowing how to handle said relations based on likes/dislikes. It's what we use when we form bonds with people or are repelled by others based on our internal feelings towards things such as ethics and morals. Ni is the ability to follow a process and judge where it will likely go, something like premonition. Ne is the ability to see potential and opportunities, it's random ideas that are not always organized to accomplish any particular thing. Ne is like a bunch of jot-notes that need someone to chose the best idea(s) whereas Ni is a concept that needs someone to apply it. Type with Ni+Fe are INFp and ENFj, types with Ne+Fi are INFj and ENFp. Ni+Fe types need Se+Ti to formulate a structure for their ideals and help them to apply them to something internally fulfilling. Ne+Fi types need Si+Te to pick their best ideas and help them to apply it to something productive and helpful. That's just a short, rough, definition though -- An INFj
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A2 If you got your function sequence from a MBTI test and not from Socionics then you have to go to this link in order to get the meaning of functions Unfortunately the meaning of functions is different between Socionics and MBTI so that it's really a total mess. I prefer definitions from Socionics but they can't be applied to results from MBTI tests. My best-fit type is ISFj (Socionics)= FiSe...(seems to fit according to descriptions of ESI at but it is also ISFJ (MBTI) = SiFe...(seems to fit according to definitions from As I said a TOTAL MESS A=-A, B=-B, C=-C and so on! -- piccolo_michel
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